XOLO Finance, Unlocking Entirely New Business Models on Binance Smart Chain

Algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol for on-chain lending and borrowing

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5 min readMay 10, 2021

True decentralisation is merely a dream without the systems to support it. For years, centralised alternatives have ruled the roost, but today, thanks to advances in technology, the decentralised dream is finally viable.

In the world of crypto, there is no challenge to what D stands for; DeFi, DApp, DEX; decentralised blockchains, decentralised oracles, decentralised launchpads and decentralised finance.

XOLO is the latest decentralised protocol to rise on Binance Smart Chain, and they have chosen the first, and largest, decentralised launchpad to support them.

What is XOLO Finance?

Essentially a decentralised lending platform, XOLO’s range of DeFi products unlock an entirely new business model on Binance Smart Chain for both users, and DApps.

A DeFi protocol, XOLO’s series of interest rate market contracts form a base layer for other DeFi DApps on BSC to build on. Comparative DeFi protocols on Ethereum could be Aave, HiFi, Compound, or 88 MPH.

Binance Smart Chain, although firmly the second most used blockchain in the world behind Ethereum, is still woefully under-represented in many blockchain niches. However, this is quickly changing with NFT’s, DeFi, Oracles, and Gaming projects flooding into the ecosystem.

XOLO aims to stake a claim in lending, leveraging a simple model of paying the suppliers of assets a variable interest rate, collected from the borrowers of tokens. Initial partners include Chainlink and CosmicSwap.

How is XOLO useful in the world of BSC DeFi

The ability to seamlessly gain access to new assets (tokens), without selling or rearranging a portfolio, gives new powers to DApp consumers, traders, and developers:

  • Without having to wait for an order to fill, or requiring off-chain behaviour, DApps can borrow tokens to use in the BSC ecosystem.
  • Traders can finance new investments by borrowing BNB, using their existing portfolio as collateral
  • Traders looking to short a token can borrow it, send it to an exchange and sell the token, profiting from declines in overvalued token

Individuals with long-term investments in BNB and tokens can use a Xolo money market as a source of additional returns on their investment.

For example, a user that owns Cake can supply their tokens to the XOLO protocol, and earn interest (denominated in Cake) without having to manage their asset, fulfil loan requests or take speculative risks.

DApps, machines, and exchanges with token balances can use the Xolo as a source of monetisation and earn incremental returns by “sweeping” balances; this has the potential to unlock entirely new business models yet to be realised in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

The alpha of the XOLO Finance DApp is live on testnet:


$XOLO will be the protocol and governance utility token of the XOLO finance protocol. There are several ways people can acquire and use $XOLO tokens

  • Responsible Lenders/Borrowers: Deposit Assets and reap the benefits of the compounding effect. Interacting with the XOLO protocol gives out $XOLO tokens in liquidity farming rewards across different asset pools.
  • Degens: Buy $XOLO at the start of the launch. Sell when the price becomes high enough to fulfil desired price range. The Probability of $XOLO dropping below the initial price is very low due to the careful incentive structure of the Liquidity mining program. As $XOLO price goes up, TVL and protocol usage would increase, further increasing the $XOLO token value.
  • Smart Investors: Lend out $XOLO long-term. The APY of the $XOLO supply pool will be maintained at a higher level than other pools. If you sell the remaining $XOLO on the market, you can also capitalise on profits there. If you are a wise investor, you would meticulously analyze the APY of the staking pool and earn profits not only from the $BNB rewards but also from selling the $XOLO as well.

XOLO Token distribution

  • 25M XOLO — distributed through the process of private and public sale.
  • 50M XOLO — stored in comptroller contract, used for liquidity mining with XOLO protocol over the course of next 3 years. (30M in the first year, 10M in the second year, 10M in the third year)
  • 25M XOLO — tokens locked in governance treasury (would be utilised for ecosystem development through governance).
  • 16M XOLO — team tokens (locked in a vesting contract for 3 years ladder unlocking schedule)
  • 4M XOLO — locked in liquidity on pancake-swap after the public sale.

While the Initial circulation supply at the time of listing would be 35M tokens, Xolo Token has a maximum supply of 120M tokens. The entire supply would be unlocked by 2025.

IDO Details

Start date: 5th June 17:00 UTC
Guaranteed Allocation: Yes, 30 minutes, followed by FCFS

Softcap: 523 BNB
Hardcap: 1164 BNB
IDO price: 0.0001454 BNB
Listing price: 0.0001740 BNB

Liquidity allocation: 60%
Liquidity locked: 240 days


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