Welcome to $BUIDL and $ELXR

Learn more about final tokenomics for Starter and Starchi ecosystem tokens and an update on the migration

Supply Information

Token name: Starter.xyz
New Symbol: BUIDL
Max Supply: 817,018 BUIDL (1M START max supply - burned - hacked)

1M START — 182,981.53 BURNED = 817,018 New BUIDL Max Supply
100M ELIXIR — 4,074,960.77 BURNED = 95,925,039 New ELXR Max Supply

Distribution Information

As mentioned previously, tokens will be airdropped and stakedropped automatically. Stakedropped tokens (meaning those that are placed back into staking as they were originally) will be locked for a minimum of 45 days while markets are restored. They will also be eligible for earning ELXR rewards while staking.

Additional Utility and Updates

$BUIDL ownership is being considered as a requirement to be a member of the Starter Labs in-person Blockchain Center ecosystem. It will serve as the Blockchain Center’s DAO token, giving members a voice in some decision making for our coworking space and incubator. We have been working with universities and local leaders to source and identify up and coming builders in blockchain in the Southeast USA and our space is already in high demand. In addition to being the coworking DAO membership token, $BUIDL holders will be among the first to have access to invest in projects incubated by our in-person Blockchain Center.

Current status of rebuilding task list



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