Top 10 Uniswap Token, WISE, Chooses BSCstarter to Support BSC Token Launch

WISEB is launching on Binance Smart Chain, and $START-ers are being given the 1st chance to buy with an exclusive 10% discount

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5 min readApr 23, 2021

We are sure many of you will have already heard of WISE token, famed for its token launch on Ethereum, the 50-day fair-launch presale raised a staggering 55,900 ETH (valued today at approximately $142.5M).

90% of this was then locked in the LP on Uniswap, rocketing WISE into the ‘Top 10 Tokens’, ranked by liquidity, on the whole platform. This means it has more liquidity in its pool than Uniswap itself!

At BSCstarter our aim is to keep bringing our $START-ers the best opportunities launching on Binance Smart Chain. In the last 2 weeks we have brought you one of the hottest new NFT platforms in FomoLabs ($FOMO), and the revolutionary and renowned Wall Street Bets ($WSB) token launch. And well, the results speak for themselves…

Next to launch will be WISE, and we are excited to be able to offer it to our community first, and with a 10% discount.

The raise on BSCstarter will be for 500 BNB and will form part of a larger liquidity raise event that will allow WISE to offer one of the largest liquidity pools on Pancake Swap immediately on DEX launch.

By raising massive ownerless liquidity from the $START, as they did on Ethereum, WISE ensures that huge investments can be made with near-zero slippage.

Why WISE really is for the wise

Although only four months old, WISE is already in the Top 10 on Uniswap, with almost 10k individual holders.

Inspiration for the unique idea behind the WISE DeFi protocol came from the gold-backed dollar from pre-1970 USA. Innovation was born from inspiration to create a whole new type of cryptocurrency.

Essentially, WISE is an asset-backed cryptocurrency designed to be a highly secure store of value. Token utility already includes staking lending/borrowing, and liquidity provision, and there is much more to come on the 2021 roadmap — including integration with Casper Labs, Polkadot, and Cardano!

In the short term, WISE will be one of the first projects to reliably and securely bring an asset-backed, highly liquid lending protocol to Binance Smart Chain. Although the world’s 2nd most popular blockchain, there is nothing like that on Binance Smart Chain as of yet, and if you are wondering who does something similar to this on Ethereum — you may have heard of them? AAVE.

Fairly launched. Fairly distributed. Fully decentralised.

WISE token is the ethical standard for all DeFi projects. It is a fairly launched, fairly distributed, fully decentralised, audited, crypto-backed and highly liquid asset.

As with the initial launch of WISE token, no parties will receive free WISEB tokens, not even the founder or the team. And the protocol is 100% automated by smart contracts. Upon the creation of the WISEB token, admin keys were burned.

The only ownerless, asset-backed crypto in DeFi

WISE is truly unique in that it is backed, not pegged. WISE is backed by ETH and WISEB will be backed by BNB. As a result, WISE moves with BNB as well as independently, circumnavigating fears of extreme volatility, whale manipulation, and bringing an unparalleled level of security to a token that is only four months old.

From a technical perspective, this unique feature makes WISE a safe and price-protected store of value. WISE has unlimited upside potential, but can only lose a certain amount of value vs BNB due to the price floor created during the liquidity formation event.

What’s more, WISE has already proven this theory with their huge liquidity launch on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain is next.

WISE leveraged lending & collateral staking

One of the most exciting features in the works for WISE, expected to arrive in Q3 this year, is the leveraged lending or collateral staking contract.

This is a fully decentralized way to lend and borrow any crypto traded on the DEX, and also the ability to do leveraged lending, which allows users to earn interest on their long positions.

100% of the profits from this system will go to the “reserve pool”, a vault where anyone can lend WISE to start earning a percentage of system-wide profits.

IDO details

Start date: 18:00 UTC, 26th April 2021
Guaranteed Allocation: Yes. Headstart 30 minutes, then FCFS.

Softcap: 1 BNB
Hardcap: 500 BNB
Minimum contribution: 0.0010 BNB
Maximum contribution: 0.5 BNB
IDO price: 0.0007 BNB/Token
Listing price: 0.0007575 BNB/Token

Liquidity allocation: 100%
Liquidity locked: Forever (LP tokens are burned)

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