The GameStation Private Sale for Diamond & Platinum Tier Starters

The exclusive GameStation private sale is about to begin, but how can you get involved?

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5 min readAug 23, 2021


Now, if you are in the Diamond tier (VIP) of Starter, you are probably well accustomed to private sales. Going all the way back to $WSB, there has been a huge plethora of private sales and VIP sale opportunities for our highest tier.

After all, it is simple. The most lucrative rewards are reserved for those who give the most to Starter. And this will always be the case moving forward.

But now, for the first time, we are happy to say we have an opportunity that extends to our second-highest tier too, Platinum.

Introducing, the GameStation Private Sale…

What is GameStation?

GameStation is a first-of-its-kind launchpad that aims to allow investors to not only play their favourite games but be part of them.

The gaming industry is HUGE, with an approximate market value of $200.8 Billion. However, right now, there are some major problems plaguing the industry.

  1. Launching games is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. As a result, the industry is monopolised by big development and publishing powerhouses.
  2. Gamers rarely have any voice or ownership over virtual assets they earn in-game, or the game development itself.
  3. Gaming tournaments are often centralised and controlled by enterprises

Through the combination of a safe and secure crowdfunding platform, and the ability to borrow, loan, sell and trade in-game assets, GameStation aims to solve a number of the problems currently plaguing the games industry.

A Multi-Chain, Gaming Focussed Launchpad

Decentralised gaming and the decentralised movement are at the heart of what GameStation are aiming to do, which we can understand here at Starter.

Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana, will all be eventually available through the GameStation app, with the initial launch (and our private sale) taking place on Polygon.

GameStation will utilise an intricately designed revenue model that combines fees from the launchpad, gaming tournaments, and the NFT marketplace, to fund the GameStation Vault — which in turn will reward $GAMER stakers, and the airdrop pool for users.


The token distribution is as follows:

The private round will make up for 15% of the 100,000,000 GAMER tokens created during TGE, 3x more than the public round, which is why the opportunity to enter good projects at private level can really pay off.

GameStation has been in development since late 2019, and by Q3/Q4 of this year will aim to launch its first gaming focussed project.

Private Pool Details

VIP Pool: Hardcap: 125,000 USDC
Platinum Pool: Hardcap: 25,000 USDC

Presale per token rate: 0.07 USDC

Vesting: 10% on TGE, with the remaining 90% released daily over the following 120 days.

Open time: September 22, 2021 18:00 PM GMT
Close time: September 29, 2021 18:00 PM GMT


How do I get involved?

The GameStation presale is at the private round, as a result, it is only open to the Platinum, and Diamond tiers.

To apply for this private sale, you must be a verified member of either the Starter Platinum Group on Telegram or the Starter VIP Group on Telegram. Upon requesting to join these groups, you must submit your wallet and TG ID, and prove ownership of the required amount of START tokens or LP.

Once verification has been completed, you will be invited to the appropriate group, where you will find details on how to apply for the GameStation Private Sale. When the Private Sale opens in the next few days, it will be whitelisted, and filled on a FCFS basis taking place on the Polygon network.

If you have your VIP or Platinum stake on a different chain to Polygon, then you must have at least the minimum stake on Polygon (3.5 QUICK/START LP) to access the pool and buy when it opens.

If you have recently upgraded your tier and would like to apply for membership to the Platinum or VIP group, please reach out to an admin in our Starter Official Telegram Group:


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