Tease.Fan — An OnlyFans inspired NFT Marketplace for Adult Content Creators

Tease.Fan believes NFTs are here to stay, and they are ready to bring them to the hugely profitable Adult Industry

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5 min readJun 3, 2021

NFTs are undoubtedly one of the hottest topics of this bull run. We have seen many NFT projects do very well, particularly on Binance Smart Chain where low gas fees make the minting and trading of NFTs more attainable for everyday people.

The last NFT IDO to come through the Starter Launchpad was FOMO Labs, and well we all know what happened next. If you don’t then our IDO moon sheet covers the key points…

Tease.Fan will be the next, to test the prospective waters of NFTs, and with an interesting and different niche focus for their NFT Marketplace.

Tease.Fan arrived on Starter via our decentralised launchpad, as always, if you want to see it make it to IDO then make sure you use the power of your START to vote YES for it here (min 100 START required to vote): https://bscstarter.finance/#/pool/93

What is Tease.Fan?

“Give your fans the ultimate tease with the worlds first adult NFT marketplace.”

Led by a team of industry insiders, Tease.Fan houses a platform for those who create adult content, helping them curate it, and monetise it, with the $TEASE token at the heart of the entire process.

Built for both fans and content creators, the Tease NFT Marketplace is openly inspired by hugely successful businesses such as OnlyFans — an online app that effectively gives content creators a platform to share their content, sign up subscribers, and monetise their creations.

OnlyFans is estimated at a $2.7B market cap, whereas PornHub is at an estimated $900M market cap. Although both traditional businesses rather than crypto-based, if Tease were able to capture even 1% of this level of interest that would represent a $270M market cap, putting it firmly in the Top 200 cryptocurrencies.

Adult Entertainment is one of the most obvious opportunities for NFTs to create value for all stakeholders.

What problems does Tease.Fan aim to solve?

Adult content creators have three identifiable problems. Content Monetization, Distribution and Ownership.

  • Current centralized solutions focused on the distribution, with high fees for the creators and a dilemma around content ownership or piracy.
  • Existing NFT Platforms do not address the unique nature of the Adult industry, often banning the content as inappropriate.
  • Furthermore, we are currently witnessing a flock of celebrities, artists and other influential players apply the NFT technology to their respective industries. There currently is no solution that exists for adult content creators to participate.

The Tease DApp (currently in Early Access), aims to solve all these issues and become either a first-mover or key-player in the Adult Industry NFT space.

$TEASE Tokenomics

What is the use case for the $TEASE token?

Phase 1 — Will leverage blockchain by creating a game where community members can participate in voting for their favourite content creator out of a selection of 3 creators each week.

Content will include pictures and videos. The winning content creators’ content will then be accessible to the community members who voted for the creator that won the most votes. Content will be viewable on the creators profile using app.tease.fan web app.

More importantly by doing this type of voting game, we will be able to vet and moderate the content before being uploaded to ensure that there is no child pornography, violent images/videos, and any other inappropriate content uploaded to tease.fan. Every content creator will have their own verified profile on app.tease.fan

Phase 2 — Will be a marketplace NFT platform. Winning, verified content creators will be added to the marketplace. This will give the content creators a secondary source of income where they can mint the content they added during the voting game as NFT’s and sell exclusively on tease.fan. Tease.fan will support multiple BSC coins for purchase but buying with tease will add the extra benefit of a discount.

Content creators can also receive tips in tease from their followers

Pay for a tease of content from your favourite creators using the token. You can pay a small amount to tease a preview of a collection or video from creators for a certain amount of time.


Total supply: 10,000,000 $TEASE

Team tokens: 15% (LOCKED — https://team.finance/view-coin/0xd12404CB00410d669abfd619116C57E7498B2A40?name=Tease%20Fans&symbol=TEASE — 10% released monthly.
Seed round: 4% — Vested 10% released monthly.
Private sale for Starter VIP: 10% — 20% at TGE/Vested 10% monthly.
Public sale on Starter: 12% — No Vesting.
Development Fund: 15% — Vested 10% released monthly.
Liquidity: 10% — All added upon completion of Starter IDO.
Marketing & Community Rewards: 20% — Vested 10% released monthly.
Reserves: 6% — Vested 10% released monthly.

IDO Details

Date: 17:08 UTC 6th June, 2021
Guaranteed Allocation: Yes, 30 minutes. First come first served 17:38 UTC.
Direct Link: https://bscstarter.finance/#/pool/93

Softcap: 50 BNB
Hardcap: 967 BNB
IDO price: 0.0008100 BNB/Token
Listing price: 0.0010400 BNB/Token

Liquidity allocation: 35%
Liquidity locked: 180 days

If you want Tease.Fan to get to IDO then vote YES on the pool page now (min 100 START needed to vote): https://bscstarter.finance/#/pool/93


Website: https://tease.fan/
Telegram: https://t.me/tease_fans
Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/teasefans
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tease_Fans
Medium: https://teasefans.medium.com/


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