Starter Introduces Super VIPers for Higher Net Worth Investors

This new tier benefits from unparalleled access to seed and private sale opportunities within the Starter ecosystem

Starter Labs
2 min readNov 27, 2021


After calls for a new tier by its community, and on the heals of the release of its new and robust staking system called Starchi Staking, is introducing a new tier for more seasoned investors in its ecosystem.

Called Super VIPers, this new tier will be the top-level tier for Starter and comes with a higher number of requirements and benefits for members.


In order to qualify to join the Super VIPers, you must:

  • Lock at least 20k START for 1 year in Starchi Staking; or
  • Lock at least 500K ELIXIR tokens for 1 year in Starchi Staking; or
  • Lock the combined value of START and ELIXIR tokens equivalent to $250k USD or more for 1 year in Starchi Staking

Additional requirements include:

  • Being a seasoned investor in cryptocurrency-based projects (2+ years of investing required; 4+ years preferred)
  • Utilizing your network to further enhance the Starter brand


The benefits associated with being a Super VIPer include:

  • Access to a Super VIPer-only group with partners of Starter Capital (see list of partners here:
  • Access to Seed and Private allocations in the range of $10k-$50k USD
  • Participation in sourcing, evaluation, and selection of Starter IDOs

Super VIPers are in a unique position to join our portfolio projects at a very early stage for sizable allocations, while bringing more value to the Starter investor network as a whole.

If you beleive you qualify to become a Super VIPer, please reach out to TheBarChef on Telegram.


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