Starter & DeFi Singapore combine to Gain Early-Access to Promising Private Sales

DeFi Singapore is a community-driven initiative to help the uninitiated lower their barrier to entry into crypto.

Starter Labs
2 min readAug 13, 2021

With a growing group of VIP & Platinum members, combined with the dawn of Starter Capital, Starter has evolved beyond the confines of a simple IDO Launchpad.

Starter as a brand is now embedded and recognised in the small, but highly exclusive, world of crypto project seed & private investments. As a result, both our public and private partnerships are growing, which ultimately, will lead to more private sale investment opportunities for our VIP & Platinum tier members, and IDOs for the entire Starter community.

Starter Welcomes DeFi Singapore

DeFi Singapore is made up of a well-connected and professional team of crypto investors, strategists, and educators.

Experienced industry professionals, the DeFi Singapore team provide advice, strategy, and networking opportunities for many of the most promising crypto startups, with upcoming projects including Enjinstarter, Chilli Swap, & EX Sports.

More recently the DeFi Singapore team has also expanded into creating educational YouTube content covering the DeFi movement, and blockchain in general, driving a community initiative to lower the barrier to entry into crypto.

Starter x DeFi Singapore will allow for a wealth of new opportunities for our highest tier of Starters, and we cannot wait to bring forward the first opportunity.

Stay Tuned. And remember these exclusive opportunities are only open to our VIP tier (with larger raises also being extended to the Platinum tier).


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