Multichain Launchpad,, Partners with Leading AMM QuickSwap to Kickstart a New Era of Fundraising Capability on Polygon

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4 min readJun 25, 2021


Discover how Starter and QuickSwap combine to create QuickStart, the ultimate launchpad for projects on Polygon

The fastest-growing AMM and DEX of 2021, QuickSwap has been anything but slow in its ascent in the highly competitive world of decentralised exchanges.

The second most used DEX on any blockchain (according to dappradar over the last 30 days); and the most used DEX on Polygon, QuickSwap has become the go-to place on MATIC in under a year.

The pull of Polygon is obvious, a layer two solution that combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a full-fledged multi-chain system, eliminating barriers such as high gas fees and limited scalability.

Although we $STARTed life on Binance Smart Chain, and continue to operate there, it has long been our ambition to go multichain. Polygon was the natural next step (you can read more about why we came to Polygon here) and QuickSwap is the perfect partner to help us realise our vision.

And so…

QuickStart is Born

QuickStart is a collaboration of the #1 most technologically advanced multichain community fundraising platform, and the #1 exchange and AMM on Polygon. A collaboration designed to increase the security of IDOs on Polygon, and provide a streamlined and battle-tested, safe, secure fundraising platform for both developers and investors to join the Polygon ecosystem.


A combination of START and QUICK (the native token of QuickSwap) will be required to gain entry to all Polygon IDOs on Starter.

Currently, our $STARTers are required to stake $START to be eligible to join an IDO, this will continue to be the case on Binance Smart Chain, to take part in IDOs on Polygon $STARTers will be required to stake QUICK/START LP tokens.

Fundraising in QUICK

QUICK will also be the default fundraising token of Starter on Polygon and BNB will continue to be the native fundraising token of Starter on BSC.

This means all IDO pools will be priced in QUICK, projects will receive their raised funds in QUICK, and $STARTers will need QUICK to buy tokens from any IDO pool (in addition to staking their QUICK/START LP to gain access).

Rewards for QUICK+START LP holders

In addition to the rewards for $START holders (currently paid out to those with 1250 $START on BSC), QUICK+START LP holders will also benefit from IDO token airdrops and be considered for QUICK rewards.

Automatic Listing on QuickSwap Exchange

As we proved on Binance Smart Chain, automatic liquidity locking is key to minimizing rug pulls that can plague growing and developing blockchains.

Every IDO that takes place via Starter on Polygon will be automatically listed on the QuickSwap Exchange using our unique auto-listing and VEST liquidity locking service.

Take Part on or

QuickSwap and Starter will work closely together to bring quality projects to Polygon, including co-marketing and utilizing for launching new IDOs meeting their criteria.

Ultimately, we are delighted to be working with the fantastic and professional team at QuickSwap, and look forward to writing a fresh chapter in community fundraising and new project launches on the bustling and fast-growing Polygon ecosystem.

What better way to $START?

Our first QuickStart IDO will be a liquidity generation event for the $START token on Polygon, all the details below:

IDO Details


Token: $START
Date: 18:00 UTC 30th June 2021
Token price: 10% discount on the market price
Hardcap: 20k START Available

Raise Currency: QUICK
Eligibility: To be eligible for to buy in the $START Polygon IDO, users must stake QUICK/START LP on Starter.XYZ.
Rewards: All those who stake QUICK/START LP will also receive rewards, paid in QUICK, for as long as they remain staked — in addition to 0.25% transaction fee rewards from QuickSwap.Exchange.



Powered by @0xPolygon on @Ethereum (formerly known as $MATIC). QuickSwap is the next generation layer 2 DEX allowing users to trade at lightning-fast speeds with near-zero gas fees.


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