Starchi, a Tamagotchi-Inspired Story of Hope Reborn to host IDO on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon

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What is Starchi?

Starchi is a Tamagotchi-inspired, Play to Earn blockchain game for the crypto generation.

Starchi Collectors are responsible for acquiring and nurturing Starchis from infancy to adulthood. They are also responsible for preventing the extinction of Starchi-kind. Collectors earn wages via friendly battles to be amongst the top Collectors in their village.

How to Start Collecting Starchis?

Both beginner and veteran Collectors can acquire Starchis by purchasing them in the local marketplace. There they can purchase freshly minted Starchi eggs if they want to have the opportunity to raise a Starchi throughout its whole life (or to sell later on). They may purchase toddler, teen or adult Starchis on sale by other Collectors. Starchi Collectors may also find neglected Starchis that were not well taken care of by their previous owners that have been listed for adoption.

Responsibilities of a Starchi Collector

Starchis are on the brink of extinction. That’s why it’s the responsibility of each and every owner to give them the best care possible. Proper care for a Starchi includes:

  • Waking them up and ensuring they are conscious for 8 hours a day.
  • Eat for at least 3 hours a day.
  • At least 15 min of play time.
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours a day, and no less than 8 hours over a 72 hour period of time.

The more love and care you give your Starchi the more powerful they become. Not only will that be its own fulfilling experience, but you can also use your well nourished and exercised Starchi to BATTLE FOR WAGES!

Friendly Battles, For wages

Starchi Collectors battle against each other in friendly battle arenas. Only teenage and adult Starchi are eligible to participate in battles.

Battle arenas can be created by Starchi Collectors for a low fee, paid using the $START token. Winners earn 85% of that fee plus ELIXIR tokens as rewards. 10% of the $START token fee will be used for staking income and the last 5% will be burned.

Collectors can earn more wages by climbing leader boards. Performances are tracked by a variety of analytics. The qualities of Starchi Collectors that are analyzed include:

  • Oldest and Healthiest Starchis
  • Most active Starchi Collector
  • Most battle wins and losses
  • Top Starchi Collectors
  • Least healthy Starchis and their Collectors

Starchis and Elements

Giving Starchis great care throughout their life is important for battle. The better the care, the better their stats will be.

Each Starchi possesses unique attributes and stats indicating its current state. A Starchi can possess one or more elements with a power ratio from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), which dictate attack vectors during battle. There are 10 different elements including Neutral, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, Animal, Poison, Undead, and Lightning. Stats include HP (Hit Points), Energy, Exercise, and Hygiene.

The Starchi Economy

Starchi is a dual token economy, which uses Starter’s $START token to access the game and buy Starchi as well as Starchi’s liquid luck token, $ELIXIR, their magical mix that makes the Collector wealthier for a period of time (while in possession of the elixir), which is used for in-game rewards.

Staking Income, Part I
To compensate Collectors for their hard work, several core Staking Income Pools were created with various ways to participate, as per below:

  • Stake START and ELIXIR to earn rewards (subject to a 5% unstaking fee)
  • START and ELIXIR reward pools share 10% of the total rewards
  • Stake MATIC/START and MATIC/ELIXIR LP to earn rewards
  • MATIC/START and MATIC/ELIXIR reward pools share 90% of the total rewards
  • Stake in one of two modes: LIQUID or LOCKED

LIQUID — rewards subject to a 5% burn fee when claimed

LOCKED — rewards are up to 10x the multiple of LIQUID stakers (based on the length of the lock — longer locks produces higher multiples) & no burn fee is applied when rewards are claimed.

Staking Income, Part II
Earned rewards can be claimed as liquid ELIXIR in-game tokens after a vesting period has expired. The length of the vesting period is determined based on the length of the lock — the longer you keep your deposit locked (maximum of 1 year), the lower the vesting period and the faster you receive your rewards.

For example, if you stake 100 START for 30 days, the vesting on your ELIXIR rewards will be 335 days. If you stake 100 START for 365 days, the vesting on your ELIXIR rewards will only be 45 days and you earn the full 10x multiple.

Stake & Access IDOs on
One of the most unique components of Starchi is the fact that Collectors can also stake their earnings to gain access to all initial DEX offerings (IDOs) on the launchpad. is a leading launchpad, incubator, and investor network that has raised over $30M USD for 40+ blockchain projects.

Collectors can advance their goal of financial freedom by learning about and participating in various IDO sales held on Starter.

Play To Earn
The Starchi Play to Earn economy will provide Collectors with wages for completing certain objectives. Collectors can earn $START and $ELIXIR tokens by winning battles, future tournaments and contests, staking incoming, and topping the leaderboards in several different categories.

Collectors’ Fee Income
The tokenomics provides for a Play to Earn allocation of 20,000,000 ELIXIR for in-game rewards.

Along with a fair set of redistribution rules, the built-in Play to Earn model allows Starchi Collectors to compound their earnings in the game. Purchases from the market are distributed as follows:

  • 75% of $START used as rewards to $MATIC/$START or $ELIXIR LP and single-sided $START stakers
  • 15% of $START goes to treasury
  • 10% of $START will be burned

How to take part

Taking part in the Starchi IDO is easy, just follow these simple steps for Polygon or Binance Smart Chain.

For Polygon

For a more in depth guide on how to setup an online wallet on Polygon please view our docs:

For Binance Smart Chain

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a BSC based IDO, please see our docs:

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