Sheesha Finance: Venture Capitalism For The Masses

Launching on on December 6th

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Sheesha Finance provides a multichain DeFi mutual fund where investors are part of a dynamic force for unrivalled economic empowerment. It focuses on solving the problem of locked crypto inaccessibility in DeFi by establishing convertible assets that can be used to acquire exposure to upcoming and existing DeFi projects, and to maximize participant rewards.

What is Sheesha Finance?

Sheesha Finance is the leading DeFi mutual fund that provides complete solutions for premium crypto portfolio diversification and rewards. It aims to be the most comprehensive DeFi solution in the cryptocurrency world.

With Sheesha Finance, every investor can reap the benefits of being a distributed, high-powered VC to early-stage DeFi projects. $mSHEESHA is the official token of Sheesha Finance. Investors can easily get value from a diverse range of high-profile projects by staking this token.

$mSHEESHA is not the only reward for staking assets on the platform. Staked assets are also rewarded in tokens from the world’s top future DeFi projects. This addresses the problem of lost potential income with locked liquidity for the everyday investor.

Sheesha Finance is working to establish partnerships with over 100 projects across multiple chains, and the rewards will be distributed to the $mSHEESHA token holders who stake on the Sheesha Finance platform.

As a platform that believes in collectively working together, Sheesha Finance uses the immense potential of a collective working together as one. The $mSHEESHA tokens are backed by the valuable partnerships established within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

How does Sheesha Finance work?

When you stake your tokens on Sheesha Finance, you become entitled to earn a share of the rewards token from the pool of partner projects, with the share of reward you get depending on the proportion of $mSHEESHA that you hold.

In the future, Sheesha Finance will operate as a DAO where you can vote with your $mSHEESHA on which project the DAO should support.

The Team

The team is made up of individuals with collective experience investing successfully in blockchain technology startups.

Founder & CEO ─ Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki

Saeed is the Managing Director of Alphabit Digital Currency Fund, Chairman of eGovern blockchain consultancy company, and Managing Director — MENA for CasperLabs. He was also previously Managing Director at Binary Financial. He sits on boards of entities such as DEX, RealEx, MENA Fintech Association, BeMobi, Jahani & Associates, LEAD Ventures, Royale Finance, Artha, PAID Network, and Kenzi Wealth.

These roles have given him tremendous insight into the crypto/blockchain space and enabled him to develop a critical network of contacts, which has helped him exponentially grow his knowledge of the market.

Other members of the team includes: Jei Rahman (CIO), Nathan Cooper (CPO), Juri Kopṏtko (CTO), Mina Vucinic (Operation Director), and Ian Petras (Marketing Director).


Sheesha Finance has many advisors helping to ensure the success of the project.

David Namdar

David is the CEO of and a General Partner at Coral Capital. He is an experienced investor and entrepreneur and was a founding partner of Galaxy Digital and SolidX Partners, digital asset-focused financial services firms. He has over 15 years of international business and financial market experience and has been involved in strategy, business development, advisory of dozens of companies, and investment in 100s of companies and decentralized currencies. He has investment expertise in decentralized currencies, venture capital, private and public equities, derivatives, and foreign currencies globally.

In addition, he has significant expertise across digital assets, blockchain technology, and FinTech, among other emerging and breakthrough technologies. He previously was with Millennium Management and UBS Hong Kong. David has a bachelor’s degree in finance and international business from the USC Marshall School of Business and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Albert Castellana

He is a serial entrepreneur with a background in Computer Science that has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. Since then, Albert has been an advocate and participated in multiple high-profile crypto projects as well as advised institutions such as the Catalan Government on how to use blockchain technology and how to treat digital assets.

Albert is the co-founder and CEO at StakeHound, the first institutional-grade liquid staking solution that aims to create a bridge between any staking protocols and DeFi.He is also a board member at Olyseum, a social media monetization platform for celebrities, and the Catalan Blockchain Center, a subsidiary of the Catalan Chamber of Commerce.

Albert co-founded the Foundation, BadgerDAO, and Whalecrate; lead product at RadixDLT and advised multiple ICO projects.

Michael Terpin

He is founder and CEO of Transform Group, the leading advisory and PR firm for the blockchain industry, with more than 300 clients in the sector since 2013, including Abra, Augur, Bancor, Ethereum, Golem, ICX, Kraken, Maidsafe, Neo, OKEx, Radix, Ripple, Qtum, Telos and Tether. Terpin also owns a blockchain accelerator in Hamilton, Bermuda, Transform Studios, Ltd., and is a managing director in Transform Ventures, which invests and advises companies in the DeFi and NFT sector, and a partner in DeFi Studio, a venture foundry. He has also advised leading companies in the DeFi and NFT sectors, including Bridge Mutual, Butterfly Protocol, KingSwap, Launchpool, RAIR, Royale Finance, Upland, WAX, and Yield.App.


$mSHEESHA Token Utility


Allow the community to pick projects from a pooled list of verified and validated projects


Investors collect rewards from the basket of the full suite of Polygon projects that Sheesha Finance invests in. Ultimately this diversifies the risk to maximize return.


Investors can take their $mSHEESHA to earn rewards.


Access to an NFT lottery featuring famous NFT artists, including Vesa, and many others in the pipeline.

Token Distribution

The total supply of the token is 1,000,000,000 $mSHEESHA.

Seed: (15%)

2 months cliff from TGE

Then 24 months linear vesting

Private: (8%)

1 month cliff from TGE

Then 12 months linear vesting

Strategic: (4%)

1 month cliff from TGE

Then 6 months linear vesting

MSHEESHA Staking Rewards: (10%)

24 months linear vesting block by block

Team/Advisors: (12%)

3 months cliff from TGE

Then 24 months linear vesting

Public Sale: (0.5%)

100% at TGE

Partnership/Ecosystem/Marketing: (10%)

100% unlocked (No vesting)

Liquidity Pool Rewards: (20%)

24 months linear vesting block by block

Treasury: (10%)

100% unlocked (No vesting)

Liquidity Pool: (0.5%)

Locked indefinitely

Reserves: (10%)

24 months cliff from TGE

Then 24 months linear vesting

IDO Details

Sheesha Finance is launching on on December 6th on the Polygon network.

Token name: SHEESHA

Token ticker: $mSHEESHA

Launch time : December 6th, 16:00 UTC

Total number of tokens: 1,000,000,000


Seed Price: $0.01

Private Price: $0.014

Strategic Price: $0.017

Public Price: $0.02

Contract address: 0x88C949b4eB85a90071f2C0beF861BDDEe1a7479D

SheeshaVault: 0x2f99A637c155798A3A343C841D9618135752ECc4

SheeshaVaultLP: 0xfAD7952E5E00d21aA174B655761786aE6F51B910

Vesting: 0x6f2eD266E80A56Bd577bbA1D3dfE2d22CaF27E14

How to take part

Participating in Sheesha Finance IDO, simply follow these steps:

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a Polygon based IDO, please see our docs:

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About Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance is the leading DeFi mutual fund that provides absolute solutions for premium crypto portfolio diversification and rewards. It aims to be the most comprehensive DeFi solution in the cryptocurrency world.



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