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Launching on on January 12, 2022

Over the years, blockchain has changed how we consider transactions and relationships, its architecture poses a hurdle to assessing data in the real world. Since the real world and the chain world are structured differently, they do not intersect easily. Therefore, it becomes essential to facilitate a seamless exchange of data between the two worlds to ensure secured, trusted, and smooth transactions.

The number of blockchains and DeFi applications that have been launched in the digital assets space has increased over time. This has shown the necessity of data collection; however, it also has given rise to the challenge of accessing accurate data.

SEOR addresses a fundamental problem of strengthening the exchange of data within the blockchain industry. It builds the business support infrastructure necessary to connect Blockchain to the real world.

What is SEOR?

Seal-Oracle (SEOR) is the next generation of decentralized Web 3.0 application technology development infrastructure, which seeks to offer users and developers of Web 3.0 an easy-to-use blockchain technology development platform. It aims to build a complete Web 3.0 infrastructure, create a bridge between the blockchain and the real world for data and logic interaction, break the barriers between the traditional internet and the blockchain world, and reduce the cross-chain of the major public chain ecological technicians.

SEOR is equipped with a low-code development platform of Oracle data for Link Reality and provides maximum accurate data for different types of Decentralized Apps (DAPPs) functioning in areas like DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, and others. Embedded in the project are technical features that make it stand out.

Why is SEOR unique?

The SEOR network provides a customizable low-code development Oracle platform for Link Reality, with high scalability and low technical threshold characteristics. Using a self-innovative solution lightweight Oracle network (LON), SEOR supports flexible data network customization. Its flexible oracle design permits developers to use any data, including news, sports, weather, entertainment, random numbers, and others. Therefore, developers are able to use a variety of technologies to make a customized oracle and connect smart contracts with traditional Web APIs.

It utilizes the application of microservice architecture technology similar to software-as-a-service (SaaS). SEOR also supports multiple-chain; unlike most ecosystems there is no need to join to participate in governance.

There is an efficient and rapid support of data verification and storage of evidence of data authentication by the self-innovative LON technology.


$SEOR is the native token on the SEOR network that powers the ecosystem.


The team is made up of 35 experienced individuals that have a wealth of knowledge in various fields. Before coming up with SEOR, the team worked on the project Seal SC Foundation which is a blockchain technology company that meddles in blockchain middleware and fundamentals.

Li Yingxuan─ Project Lead

Involved in the project management, architectural design, and technological R&D ONT, ELA, and NEO │Ex Onchain/ Ontology Beijing Technology Officer.

Winnie Wen─ Marketing Lead

Over 10 years of marketing and growth experience in cross-border e-commerce; NGOs; the arts; and education sectors │Chinese Academy of Science Blockchain Laboratory of Research and Application Operations and Development Centre Deputy Director │Serial entrepreneur.

Wang Huaiyu─ Tech Lead

Involved in the project management, architectural design and technological R&D of ONT, ETH, DOT, and TRX │Responsible for architecture design and technology research and development at NKN.

Jon Ren─ Advisor

Business consultant for volatility │Protocol and Swaperry │Led the Step Finance Token Launch │Strategic consultant for Evrynet, BSCLaunch, Faraland, Project Seed, Showcase, IMM and Sienna Network.

Collaborative Partners

SEOR network has a number of collaborative partners which includes: web3 foundation, DFG, SIGNUM Capital, FIBIG Capital, Polygon, Master Ventures, x21, Dutch Crypto Investors, BCA Investment, Oracle Investment Group, CRT Capital, Kretos Ventures, Whitelist, Blago Capital, and Truepn1.


Q1-Q2, 2021

  • Open-SO 1.0 Released
  • Seal Oracle Project Start
  • Open-SO Upgrade to 2.0

Q3-Q4, 2021

  • Open-SO Developer platform release
  • Seal Oracle alpha Release
  • Smart contract brigade Agreement to Release
  • Seal Oracle beta Version Release

Q1-Q2, 2022

  • Seal Oracle blockchain Agreement to Release
  • Seal Oracle gateway Agreement to Release
  • Seal Oracle Network Upgrade to Oracle Network
  • Seal Oracle Test Network “LINE” Release

Q3-Q4, 2022

  • Seal Oracle common smart contract project startup
  • Seal Oracle Test Network” SURFACE” Release


  • Seal Oracle Main Network “SPACE” Release
  • Seal-Oracle Developer Platform Release
  • Seal Oracle Protocol Family Upgrade
  • Seal-Oracle All business migrated to Seal-Oracle Main Network

Token Utility

The roles are classified into three categories: data verifier, data provider, and data user.

Data verifier: Pledge SEOR to become a mainnet node.

Data provider: Pledge SEOR to become a data supplier.

Data user: Use SEOR to obtain data services.

Mainnet nodes and data suppliers will share a certain percentage of the consumer SEOR. Data verifiers and suppliers need to stake SEOR to become nodes and provide services.

At the same time, if some nodes are identified to do harm to the project, their staked tokens will be confiscated for punishment.

IDO Details

SEOR is launching on on January 12, 2022. Its IDO will take place on BSC.

Token ticker: $SEOR
Chain: BSC
IDO Date: January 12, 2022.

How to Participate To participate in MetaLaunch IDO, simply follow these steps:

-Buy START on

-Bridge START via AnySwap

-Stake START on (BSC)

  • Buy $SEOR when the IDO starts

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a BSC based IDO, please see our docs:

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About SEOR

Blockchain is entitled to the following features: certainty, non-temperature storage, and verifiable computation. However, there is a lack of access to the real-world information supported by verified resources out of these blockchain networks. SEOR empowers smart contract functions to access reliable data without centralized risk.

SEOR builds the business support infrastructure necessary to connect Blockchain to the real world.





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