Relay Chain: The Bridge of DeFi is the Next IDO on Starter

The next Certified QuickStart IDO is the highly-anticipated cross-chain bridging protocol, Relay Chain

What is Relay Chain

  • Incentivize existing chains — making gas tokens easier to procure and have exposure to.
  • Protection against CEX risks and oversight.
  • Arbitrage opportunities.
  • Liquidity incentives (provided by the parent chain and partners) across popular ecosystem tokens.

Bridging isn’t anything new…

  • Farewell stuck transactions — As many of you will know from using cross-chain bridges before, sometimes your transactions can get stuck. Resolving this can take hours or days, and by then the opportunity you were attempting to grasp may have passed. Relay boasts one of the most complex and resilient bridges around. They rebuilt their relayers from the ground up with resilience in mind, ensuring that 99.9% of transactions go through without needing any manual intervention.
  • Free gas tokens for initial bridging — Perhaps the most annoying aspect of using all of the current bridging options is that you can send your tokens to your wallet on the new chain, but can’t do anything with them when they arrive unless you buy and send yourself some of that blockchain’s gas tokens.
  • Speed — Many of the current bridges are painfully slow, which can make arbitrage almost impossible. The average bridge transaction on Relay Chain completes in under 2 minutes. This bridge is literally built for arbitragers.
  • Five blockchains from the $START — Not one, but 5 different ecosystems will be connected to the Relay from the start: Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Relay. With Solana, HECO, Cosmos, Fantom, and Near (Aurora) in the works.

The Business Case for Relay Chain

  1. The bridge generates fees
  2. Those fees reward $RELAY liquidity providers
  3. Those fees go to yield farms to generate positive protocol revenue
  4. Those fees go to token buybacks and burns, thus making the $RELAY token deflationary
  5. High-emission liquidity rewards are a notion of the past — replacing the unsustainable inflationary concept with one that rewards in HT, AVAX, MATIC, ETH, and BNB and is constantly being generated through bridge volume
An idea of approx how many bridge crossings equal in buyback and burn


IDO Details

How to take part

Relay Chain




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The leading IDO launchpad, incubator, and investor network for @0xPolygon, $ETH, $AVAX, $FTM, and #BSC $START