ProjectOasis, a one-of-a-kind nostalgic 2D metaverse, is coming to Starter

ProjectOasis will be launching on (BSC) this October 13th

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6 min readOct 4, 2021

Join us as we traverse the metaverse of OASIS. A virtual haven of lush greenery, natural exquisiteness and unorthodox creativity; where players participate as Natives, each equipped with their very own avatar unique to every connected wallet.

ProjectOasis is an easy and fun 2D metaverse designed for people to interact, play, compete, and grow together. And we couldn’t be happier to help them get $START-ed.

Built by an enthusiastic group of gamers, OASIS is the culmination of years of dreaming, planning and building by a dedicated team from all over the world.

So without further adieu, let’s find out what ProjectOasis is all about…

What is ProjectOasis?

ProjectOasis aims to be the bridge between newcomers to the crypto space and the DeFi side of crypto. The aim is to simplify DeFi through gamification, making it more approachable, accessible, and fun for an entirely new audience.

A huge part of any game, and experience, is the social aspect.

Within the OASIS metaverse, all nature-loving gamers are welcome to create, to own, to play, to earn, to grow and to interact with other like-minded Natives. Most Natives will enjoy gathering at the main bustling part of the metaverse: DOWNTOWN, this is where most of the economic activities will transpire

There is also the DOME, a place for everyone to meet, greet and interact with their fellow Natives, publicly or privately.

And not forgetting the AGORA, a central marketplace where Natives can customize, gear up, or choose to trade with others!

Traverse the Metaverse

If you look up ‘Metaverse’ on a search engine you will find 10 different definitions. But this is part of the beauty of it.

The Metaverse has yet to be clearly defined. As you read, it is being built in hundreds of different formats, imagined in a range of styles, from Ready Player One to Cyberpunk 2077, Google Glass to The Sandbox.

ProjectOasis aims to tap into this desire for the different and varied metaverses to explore, crafting its own beautiful and nostalgically stylised take.

OASIS is currently under construction and eventually will house many different Realms that players can travel to in the game.

Each of these Realms will represent a part of the metaverse that connects to a different blockchain. The Realms are to be built on the respective blockchains that ProjectOasis will integrate with, and the entire Realm will consist of an ecosystem from the blockchain, spanning the entire offering of DApps. Users can simply cross from one Realm to another as long as they connect their respective wallets and also meet the specific requirements.

1 DApp to DeFi them all

As ProjectOasis will have many other DeFi DApps integrated into it, such as DEXs, Launchpads, NFT Marketplaces & more. OASIS will essentially become a singular DApp that allows the user to interact with many others. No more visiting 10 websites when you can do it all in one online game, and with your own cool little customised character!

Staking Platform
Staking Platforms are where users can stake their tokens to earn a reward (generally in the form of the platform’s token). Users can also do their Staking through the game. There will be different farms to represent different Staking pools and various vegetables to represent the APY, TVL, and harvest.

Borrowing & Lending Protocols
In the near future, Oasis will also integrate Borrowing & Lending Protocols in the game. This is where users can Lend tokens and use it as collateral to Borrow different tokens.

Oasis will have its own Launchpad called OLa to help users explore new exciting projects and gain an opportunity to invest in them. Alongside OLa, ProjectOasis will be integrating other Launchpads as well so that the Natives will have access to multiple projects at the same time.

NFT Marketplace
Also on the initial roadmap is an NFT Marketplace so that our users can trade their BSC NFTs as well as trade in-game items (NFTs).


No blockchain game would be complete without a Play-to-Earn aspect, and ProjectOasis have this planned too:

Open World PVE — Players will be able to fight various monsters and collect items that the monsters will drop. The monster drops can be used for crafting rare items and trading.

Resource Gathering — Players can also choose to spend time gathering crafting resources such as wood, stone, and various ores to craft/upgrade their equipment.

Participate-to-Earn- natives will also be rewarded for participating in certain events. Users will be rewarded for:

◆ Holding/staking $OASIS tokens

◆ Participation in mini-games/events

◆ Daily Check-in

◆ Fighting the Dungeon Boss

In the Arena — Players can duel other players to climb in rank.

The live Leaderboard will show and reward the Top players at the end of every season.

PVE Equipment Gacha (NFT) — Players can buy equipment using in-game currencies. Different equipment of different rarities, with varying attributes, can be acquired.

PVE Equipment NFT Upgrade (Burn-to-Upgrade) — Players can burn their duplicate equipment permanently to upgrade their equipment.


The main token for OASIS is called $OASIS, a utility token tied to and created on the [BEP-20] blockchain, whereas each NFT character will be mined under [BEP-721]. $OASIS is the governing token required to play games, purchase equipment, participate in the OLá launchpad, purchase lands and much more.

$OASIS tokens will be distributed accordingly, as shown in the following chart:

View the OASIS one-pager here for a deeper view of the tokenomics and token amounts delegated to each area of the ecosystem.

IDO Details


Approx initial market cap: $240k

Network: Binance Smart Chain
Date: October 13th, time 14:00 UTC
Guaranteed Allocation: Yes, headstart 5 minutes.
Direct Link: Pool to follow

Softcap: 100 BNB ($50k)
Hardcap: 230 BNB ($100k)
IDO price: 0.00046 BNB ($0.20)
Listing price: 0.00058 BNB ($0.25)
Vesting: 35% on TGE, 35% 2 weeks after, 30% 4 weeks after.

For a more in depth look at OASIS, watch this awesome video on their YouTube:

How to take part

Taking part in the ProjectOasis IDO is easy, simply follow these steps:

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a BSC based IDO, please see our docs:



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