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The recent unexpected and meteoric rise of crypto dog-meme coins has led to an increased demand for these coins. Active online communities were formed and exchanges started listing the most popular crypto dog projects. Retail investors flood in, making it rise up the ladder of the crypto market share. Then, a new blockchain ecosystem was born.

What is Dog Park?

Over time, many dog token projects fail after the initial hype dies down and most of the whales have liquidated their holdings. This is caused by the lack of adequate investment options; however, for the Park community, the Dog Park establishes the project’s foundation.

The Dog Park is a Dapp built for crypto dog holders that makes available investment options for their favorite dog tokens. Dog Park gives users the ability to invest their dog tokens into Prize-Linked Staking Accounts nicknamed “Parks” — earning users big rewards while strengthening their token’s origin communities.

Rewards for Staking in Dog Park

$PARK investment portfolio is made up of tokens staked in the Dog Park. These funds are automatically invested every week in yield-bearing accounts , with the realized interests distributed to the community as follows:

Prize Winner: Each week, five randomly selected users that are staked in each Park get a massive payout from the largest sum of the interest. The more a user has deposited, the greater the chances of winning. This reward is always paid in Park token.

Token Burns: Weekly, a part of the interest is used to burn the respective Park tokens. This means that tokens with a large circulating supply will reduce over time, thereby helping your entire dog community.

Stable Rewards: Rewards are distributed in BUSD to stakers in the Dog Park weekly. BUSD’s price is relatively stable, therefore your payouts will be fairly accurate and predictable.

Keep Your Investment: Dog Park is a “no-loss” protocol. Even if users don’t win the huge prize they remain eligible indefinitely. Users can withdraw their money anytime they’d like to. Also, the protocols eliminate risk for the user.


$PARK is a community-driven BEP20 token. It has two main functions:

  • As a stand alone investment through powerful tokenomics
  • As a keycard that opens users up to amazing benefits when used in Dog Park.

$PARK enhances users’ experience in the Dog Park by adding four major investor benefits:

  • Being built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), $PARK lowers user gas fees on all Dog Park transactions.
  • $PARK is a universally accepted Dog Park token. This means that token holders can enter any Park they want, winning rewards in the dog token of their choice.
  • Users receive a 20% boost to their investment when they deposit $PARK. For example, if a user deposits $1000 of $PARK, their odds of winning will be calculated as though they deposited $1,200 of $PARK.
  • There is no tax in depositing $PARK

$PARK has an initial supply of 4 billion tokens and half of those will be burned at launch (2B).


Phase 1

  • Whitepaper Release
  • 2000+ Discord Members
  • Audit Smart Contracts
  • Presale
  • 1000+ Holders
  • Initial Dex Offering (IDO)

Phase 2

  • 6000+ Holders
  • Marketing Campaign (Influencer marketing)
  • 10,000+ Discord Members
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Listing on Small Exchanges

Phase 3

  • 80,000+ Holders
  • Launch Dog Park
  • Dog Park Smart Contracts Audit
  • Give away $50,000 in weekly rewards
  • Prepare for major exchange listings

Phase 4

  • 200,000+ Holders
  • Give away $150,000 in weekly rewards
  • Begin development of the next major Park project


Community Lottery

3% of every transaction with Park is paid back to random users as a lottery. Are you feeling lucky?

Business Development

2% of every transaction with Park is redistributed to the company wallet. This is used for development, marketing, growth, and supporting our community.

Liquidity Boost

An additional 2% of every transaction is used to bolster the liquidity pool and decrease volatility.

Growth Fund

1% of all transactions with Park are used to raise the amount of working capital earning users their APY. As this fund grows, so does your APY payouts.

IDO Details

Park Token is launching on August 8, 2022. The IDO will take place on dxSale.

Ticker: $PARK
Initial Supply: 4,000,000,000
Token Price: 0.004
Chain: BSC
IDO Date: August 8th through 12th, 2022
IDO Pool: Link to be updated close to launch

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About Park Token

Park Token is a new approach to cryptocurrency, allowing you to earn rewards just by staking your dog tokens in a Crypto Dog Park. It is both a community-driven token and a Dapp that gives steady returns and allows anyone to reach the moon.





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