More Options for Developers, as Post-DEX Offerings Arrive on

Multi-chain Secondary offerings become a reality for the first time due to a strategic partnership between Starter and PDO Finance

At Starter we are bullish on crypto as a whole. Our mission is to do what we can to help this space grow and flourish, to help new and promising projects get $START-ed.

Currently, that would be to help new ideas and projects reach out and attract fundraisers with an Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

However, thanks to our partnership with the innovative team at PDO Finance, this will soon extend to Post DEX Offerings — or in short, helping projects get $START-ed on the next stage of their growth and development after their IDO.

What is a PDO?

Post Dex Offerings or PDOs are a multi-faceted product offering consisting of decentralised hybrid Fundraising, Strategic Staking, and Liquidity Mining solutions, designed to serve existing projects in bull and bear markets.

Designed as a secondary fundraising tool, PDO.Finance is powered by the highly experienced team at the Atom Foundation and aims to solve the longstanding problem of allowing projects that have already launched to fundraise in a way that doesn’t negatively impact current token holders.

In partnership with PDO Finance, Starter will help existing projects raise money with POST Dex Offerings (PDOs) with an integrated interface to

This will open up a whole host of new opportunities for both investors and developers.

Developers now have the ability to liquidate tokens safely via a wide range of Post-DEX products including, Post-DEX Offerings, and Dumper Shield.

Investors have a raft of new chances to invest and make money, as well as to get involved in projects that have already launched at exclusive, protected pricing.

How PDO’s Work:

  1. The seller offers tokens for sale with staking period and APY reward and sets how much of the fundraising will go to operations vs. the liquidity pool
  2. Token offering price is automatically calculated from the liquidity pool, allowing the public to purchase with zero slippage at current market prices
  3. Funds boost the price and liquidity in pools

PDO benefits for sellers (Projects or large token holders):

  • Liquidity Mining: Grow liquidity and increase the token price with PDO staking pools.
  • Fundraising: Organize a secondary token offering to raise the maximum number of new funds for operations.
  • Cashing Out: Sell any amount of tokens without dragging the market price downwards, and placing new investors behind a Dumper Shield.

PDO benefits for buyers:

  • Slippage Free: Purchase any amount of tokens available without losing tokens and dragging the market price upwards, optimizing potential ROI.
  • APY Rewards: Earn lucrative APY rewards by purchasing into PDO staking pools, essentially purchasing tokens at a discount market price.
  • Strategic Staking: With the Secure Future, investors have the freedom to withdraw their principal funds at no cost and maintain the staking rewards generated from escrow.

Dumper Shield

The Dumper Shield is an alternative to vesting where investors have access to sell or trade their tokens using a built-in OTC solution so the transactions do not affect the tokens value in pools or on exchanges.

Alternatively, investors can sell through a Gateway smart contract which measures in real-time, the capacity of how much to sell to the market and at what price, in order to not flood the market with supply or reduce the price. The Gateway utilizes the SmartSwap to sell tokens at the average market value.

When creating a PDO, a project can choose whether or not to include a Dumper Shield — or they can choose to implement the Dumper Shield separately. Once the PDO Finance offering is integrated within, all Starter IDOs will be granted the Dumper Shield option.

Starter looks forward to offering a host of post-IDO services to both upcoming and established projects, expanding our wide range of products and services to both interested investors and developers.

PDO Finance

PDO Finance is the creator of Post DEX Offerings, a hybrid fundraising, liquidity mining and strategic staking solution crafted from a fully decentralized suite of products, designed to serve existing projects in bull and bear markets.



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