• Network fees: $MALL is the only transactional currency and store of value in the ecosystem
  • Payments: payments are facilitated by $MALL and completed through the use of Smart Contracts on Solana
  • Rewards: rewards or prizes will be in the form of $MALL
  • Fees: fees to access Metamall and listings on Metamall metaverse will be paid in $MALL
  • Governance: $MALL will be used as a governance token to vote on policies
  • Private Sale Round
  • Strategic Sale Round
  • $MALL token development
  • Seed Funding Round
  • Metaverse Conceptualization
  • DEX and Private Exchange Listing
  • 1st NFT Real Estate Sale
  • NFT MarketPlace Launch
  • Public Sale
  • Staking Launch
  • 2nd NFT Real Estate Sale
  • Private VR Experience Launch
  • Metaverse VR Gaming Launch
  • Open VR development SDK release
  • Scaling of Engagement, Trading, Shopping and Staking.
  • Launch of Brand Stores and Experiential Centers
  • Open VR development for owners.
Serge Gianchandani, Co-Founder
Sahan Ray, Head of Strategy & Business Development



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