LunaFi: Decentralized Betting Platform Built on Polygon

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7 min readMar 30, 2022

Launching on on April 15th

LunaFi is a leading decentralized and peerless DeFi betting protocol — providing users with a secure and trustless environment in which they can gamble, invest, and for the first time ever, become the house.” — Lord Porchester, LunaFi CEO

LunaFi is a trustless, borderless, DeFi protocol for sports betting with real utility, targeting mass adoption with guaranteed liquidity. LunaFi innovates beyond traditional gambling models and recent blockchain-enabled betting protocols by operating in a decentralized and peerless way. Global community-owned liquidity pools act as the house and fuel betting payouts, with a portion of house profits paid out to liquidity providers on an ongoing basis.

This unlocks a world of potential DeFi integrations and new products or services that allow investors to deposit and earn a share of profit gathered from betting activities on the platform, and to receive additional rewards in $LFI — the native token of the LunaFi Protocol.

Lunabets is the platform’s debut dApp. It is a non-custodial utilizing LunaFi smart contracts & liquidity pools to ensure trustless payouts. This means that there is an immediate settlement made by the smart contract to the winning party, removing all counterparty risk. Users are rewarded $LFI which can be claimed from LunaFi.

With the vision to create a sustainable, enjoyable, and profitable experience for all in the constantly expanding, globally owned community and commercial hybrid protocol for DeFi gambling, LunaFi aims to reimagine and innovate the traditional world of gambling by fusing it with the blockchain.

Why is LunaFi unique?

DeFi allows the creation of publicly verifiable liquidity pools. This acts as LunaFi’s “bookmaker”, and ensures bettors are always paid out correctly and on time. LunaFi also ensures worldwide access to fair and properly regulated bookmakers. The platform’s core focus is on ensuring the UX provides a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Gamblers have an unrivaled experience betting seamlessly through smart contracts with great odds and high limits without having to trust the bookmaker to payout. This means that the risk is only ever in the bet, not the platform.


$LFI is the governance token of LunaFi. Buying & Staking $LFI gives you access to great returns as the platform grows and reaches more users. Staking $LFI also gives you voting rights around key decisions so you can be a part of the platform’s future whilst earning you a share of the platform’s profits.

The Team

George Porchester — FOUNDER & CEO

George brings with him a wealth of entrepreneurial and industry experience; having been involved in the gambling sector for over 10 years, George is immensely passionate about all things DeFi, blockchain and betting.

Meer Ali — CTO

Ali is a techie with a vast array of experience spanning digital banking, fintech and blockchain application development. He has over a decade of experience coding, designing software and loading software teams to build complex applications for startups and large enterprises.

James Hume — CFO

James is a chartered tax adviser with a wealth of career experience in finance, property and fintech gained from developing the trading system at the London Stock Exchange and leading the implementation of Automated Equities Trading systems at UBS

Theo Banner — PRODUCT LEAD

Theo is a Product Designer with six years of experience and an obsession with all things crypto. He has experience undertaking all aspects of the design process-from ideation to launch and is on a mission is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of crypto protocols through intuitive user-friendly design.

Sergey Ocheretko — DEVELOPER

Sergey is skilled in manual and automation testing approaches and strategies. He has experience working on detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases. He also has experience performing thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved to monitor debugging process results.

Garrett Paris — DEVELOPER

Garrett is a full-stack web3 developer with years of blockchain experience. Passionate about Defi, you can find him in multiple research groups building the next step for web3.

Chay Konduru — DEVELOPER

Chay is a full-stack blockchain developer with years of professional experience. Passionate about blockchain security, and L2 scaling solutions


Nina is a massive crypto geek with an intense focus on creating intuitive UI. She has over eight years of experience, is highly creative and is a dynamic player building the future with the team.

Mikhail Rudev — DEVELOPER

Mikhail is a full-stack developer with extensive experience as a back-end developer developing services with different architectures, API development, maintaining an existing project, test coverage, and refactoring, among others. He also has experience as a front-end developer with the React and Vue.js frameworks and their state managers.




Q3 2021


  • Architecture and smart contract design
  • Platform Development
  • Smart Contract Audit

Q4 2021


  • Strategic Raise
  • Team Expansion
  • Assembled Advisory Board

Q1 2022


  • Smart Contracts deployed on Testnet
  • Oracle design and Lunabets sport book integration
  • Smart Contract audit

Start of Q2 2022


  • Private Sale
  • Official Marketing
  • IDO “Crash” game
  • TGE & IDO launch on Polygon
  • LunaFi house pool and farm
  • LFI pairing incentivized on Quickswap

End of Q2 2022


  • Lunabets Sportsbook Beta
  • Bet mining incentives
  • Lunabets connected to LunaFi house pool
  • Casino launch on Lunabets

Q3 2022


  • LunaFi pools expand to SX, Solana, & BSC
  • CEX listing
  • White Label sportsbooks available
  • E-Sports & Live TV
  • Crypto Prediction Market

Q4 2022


  • 3rd Party integration with TradFi betting market
  • House Pool liquidity lent on AAVE
  • Brand Sponsorships


Staking Rewards -20%
LFI rewards will be released through the audited staking smart contracts via the Luna house pools as rewards are earned over the next 3 years

Advisors — 6%
The primary investment in return for tokens which helped fund development and preliminary activities to support the launch of the project. These will be locked for 3 months from listing and distributed over the next 30 months, as per the schedule below

Private Sale — 12.5%
Further investment in return for tokens to further the progress of the project. Tokens will be released over 12 months from listing.

Strategic Round — 10%
Creating partnerships with industry leading venture capital firms to provide support for the long term vision and growth of the project. Tokens will be released over 12 months from listing.

Liquidity Pool — 6%
Initial liquidity will be provided on the decentralized exchange upon listing to promote initial transactions occurring without major disruption and price spikes This liquidity will be locked in a vault for a year.

Public Sale — 4%
The amount of tokens available for sale via a Launchpad ahead of listing date.

Seed Investment — 6%
The primary investment in return for tokens which helped fund development and preliminary activities to support the launch of the project. These will be locked for 3 months from listing and distributed over the next 9 months.

Community development — 20.5%
This $LFI will be frozen in a secure wallet and released over a 3 year period in equal monthly installments with the aim of rewarding the Lunabets community and contributing to the progression of the project.

Team Allocation — 15%
The tokens which are granted to the team are locked for 6 months, and then released linearly over 4 years according to the schedule below.

IDO Details

LunaFi is launching on
Token ticker: $LFI
Token price: $0.03
IDO Date: April 15, 2022
IDO Time: 15:00 UTC

How to Participate

To participate in LunaFi IDO, simply follow these steps:

  • Buy $QUICK
  • Buy or bridge START
  • Buy $LFI when IDO starts

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a Polygon-based IDO, please see our docs:

Official links


About LunaFI

LunaFi is the decentralized betting protocol where you become the house. We are creating a framework where developers, liquidity providers and users interact in a fair and trustless environment. Liquidity providers deposit into the house pools to earn a share of the profit and receive additional rewards in $LFIL.

Lunabets is our flagship non-custodial sports book and casino. Users place bets by creating an account with their Web 3.0 wallet or Magic Link. Bets are paid out from the house pool you’re investing in.



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