Legion Network: The Best of Blockchain in One Decentralized Super App

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6 min readFeb 18, 2022

Launching on Starter.xyz on February 22, 2022

Legion Network is the first super blockchain ecosystem that combines the best services in the industry in one Mobile Super App. It empowers entrepreneurs, creators, and influencers in the NFT world by developing a blockchain-based ecosystem connecting them and helping them unleash their potential using cutting-edge technologies.

Legion Network is built as a community-centered platform offering a myriad of opportunities for everyone and allowing users to enjoy active communication and collaboration between developers, creators, entrepreneurs, and influencers. It aims to introduce new categories of NFT buyers into the Global NFT Economics.

The Legion ecosystem is designed to explore the endless possibilities of Gaming, NFTs, Rewards & business tools. The core components of the ecosystem are:

Bluemoon: It is the first collaborative NFT marketplace for large brands to crowd-source new creative concepts for advertisement visuals and brand identity. It permits holding contests, requesting NFTs and it is deeply integrated with Bluemoon’s own Metaverse.

Arcadia: a GameFi / PlayToEarn platform with an arcade of competitive games. Players can participate in a daily challenge to win cash and NFT prizes. Players will also earn $LGX for every game played on the platform.

Legion Rewards: Community engagement platform that allows users to earn NFT’s, Crypto, & Prizes by completing tasks.

Bizpad: It is a business application hub that will include task management applications, CRM solutions, accounting systems, online point of sale solution with interactive dashboards and deep analytics.

Empower: a watch-to-earn platform with a myriad of seminars and lectures structured in a clear and precise way. It allows everyone to create and upload their own online courses, workshops, and podcasts with additional gamification features.



The Legion Network team has exceeded expectations with their work thus far. Take a look at the stats.

App downloads: 2.5 million (combined both stores)
Games played in the app: 300 million times
Website Visits: 5.6 million — Ranked Top 13k websites in the world
Discord: 220k members
Instagram: 133k
Telegram: 119k
YouTube: 83k
Viral in over 100 countries on app stores (TOP 1 in Top New Free section in 97)


Q1, 2021

  • Legion Network launched
  • Research & Development
  • Development team assembly

Q2, 2021

  • Initiate Phase 1 Development
  • Legion Network UI/UX
  • Legion Network applications prototype finalized

Q3, 2021

  • Phase 2+3 Development­
  • Legion Wallet Development­
  • Legion Super App Development ­
  • Empower Academy
  • Public Security Audit (Solidity)

Q4, 2021

  • Legion Token contract public­
  • Seed/Private round
  • 20k members on social
  • Airdrop campaign

Q1, 2022

  • First viral marketing campaign
  • Legion Super App release
  • Arcadia (P2E) + Empower (W2EP)
  • Legion Network VR Metaverse
  • Bluemoon v1 launch
  • Public IDO & Token launch
  • Second viral marketing campaign­
  • List on exchanges
  • Bluemoon Marketplace v2 launch­
  • Social geatures on Bluemoon
  • Fiat integration on Bluemoon

Q2, 2022

  • Bluemoon phase 3 launch­
  • Legion Launchpad ­
  • Custom VR gallery creator­
  • Virtual events in the metaverse­
  • P2E NFT game development
  • First major brand contest launch­
  • Bluemoon Launchpad launch­
  • Bluemoon swap feature launch

Q3, 2022

  • Bluemoon development complete
  • First major brand competition launch
  • Bluemoon Rent & Swap feaures in VR
  • 1,000,000 app downloads­
  • 2,500 registered creatives
  • 50,000 users on Bluemoon­
  • Major exchange listings
  • Bizpad release (Synergy, Flair, Elevate, BioP)
  • P2E game beta launch


$LGX is the utility token that powers the ecosystem. It will be at the core of the Legion Network. Legion token holders will earn rewards and get premium access to all of their platforms by staking the $LGX token.

Staking $LGX
Staking is in levels, from silver to legend.


  • 20% APY
  • Arcadia: 10 Turns on Daily Challenge


  • 20% APY
  • Arcadia: 30 Turns on Daily Challenge
  • Access to Bizpad
  • Level 1 on Legion Launchpad


  • 25% APY
  • Arcadia: Unlimited Turns on Daily Challenge
  • Access to Bizpad
  • Level 2 on Legion Launchpad


  • 30% APY
  • Arcadia: Unlimited Turns on Daily Challenge
  • Access to Bizpad
  • Level 3 on Legion Launchpad
  • Additional Bluemoon Perks
  • 1 Feature on Legion Rewards


  • 35% APY
  • Arcadia: Unlimited Turns on Daily Challenge
  • Access to Bizpad
  • Level 4 on Legion Launchpad
  • Additional Bluemoon Perks
  • 3 Features on Legion Rewards
  • VIP Member Pass

Token Detail

Token: $LGX

Issuer: Legion Network LLC

Token type: Utility Token

Contract address: 0x9096B4309224d751FC B43d7eB178dcFFc122aD15

Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 (fixed supply)

Initial circulation: 6,000,000

Initial circulation %: 0.6%

Initial Market Cap: $900,000

Public Sale Price: $0.075-$0.15 (IDO Price below)

Token Utility

  • Staking rewards
  • Lower transaction fees for Bluemoon
  • Governance and Voting Rights
  • Access to all Bizpad Apps
  • Access to additional Bluemoon features
  • In-game purchases on Legion Arcadia
  • A percentage of all in game purchases will be used to buy back $LGX on exchanges


Seed Stage ($0.025 per token): 20M (2%)

  • 10% released in month 2
  • 7 Month Cliff
  • 11.25% monthly release

Private Stage ($0.035 per token): 60M (6%)

  • 10% released in month 2
  • 6 Month lock
  • 12.85% monthly release

Public IDO Stage ($0.075 per token): 80M (8%)

  • 5% at Token Generation Event
  • 15.8% Monthly Release

Public Launch ($0.15 per token): 40M (4%)

  • 5% at Token Generation Event
  • 23.75% Monthly Release

Community Rewards: 300M (30%)

  • 5% at Token Generation Event
  • 15.8% Monthly Release

Ecosystem Development: 200M (20%)

Locked at TGE, 10% Month 2 then release over 24 months

Foundation: 50M (5%)

Locked at TGE, 6 month lock then release over 12 months

Core Team: 150M (15%)

Locked at TGE, 12 month lock then release over 12 months

Partnerships/Advisors: 100M (10%)

Locked at TGE, 6 month lock then release over 12 months

IDO Details

Legion Network is launching on Starter.xyz

Token Ticker: $LGX

Token Price: $0.075

Chain: BSC

IDO Date: February 22, 2022

IDO Time: 16:00 UTC

How to Participate

To participate in the Legion Network IDO, simply follow these steps:

-Buy START on Starter.xyz

-Bridge START via AnySwap


-Buy $LGX when the IDO starts

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a BSC based IDO, please see our docs: https://docs.starter.xyz/faq/how-to-guides/how-to-take-part-in-a-sale-on-binance-smart-chain-bsc

Official Links

Websites: https://legionnetwork.io/


Telegram: https://t.me/legionnetworkcommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LegionNetwork__

Discord: https://discord.gg/legionnetwork

YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/LegionNetwork

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Legionnetwork.io

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/lgxnetwork

Instagram: https://instagram.com/legionnetwork.io

About Legion Network

Legion network empowers creators, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the NFT world by developing a blockchain-based ecosystem connecting them and helping them unleash their potential.


Telegram: https://t.me/starterxyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/starterxyz

Announcements: https://t.me/starter_announcements

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