KRYXIVIA: The Advanced 3D NFT Multiverse Blockchain MMORPG Web Game

Launching on Starter.XYZ, Wednesday, December 1st on Binance Smart Chain

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7 min readDec 1, 2021

As data becomes important in our days, decentralization, accessibility, and ownership of our possessions are gradually becoming possible through blockchain systems.

Over the years, the crypto gaming industry has advanced remarkably, resulting in the creation of unique games with creative gameplay mechanics and new player value prepositions. However, many of these games faced limitations brought upon them by the blockchains they relied on. At a point last year, congestion on Ethereum blockchain led to a major drop in gaming activities. That was bad news for blockchain game developers, old and new players.

The possibility of having a decentralized representation of items you got in your favorite game to be able to trade, exchange, store or just enjoy the freedom of your unique asset is no longer a dream. Kryxivia makes this possible.

On Kryxivia, you can create NFT characters linked directly on-chain and build it to your taste with your customized gameplay.

What is Kryxivia?

Kryxivia is an innovative blockchain MMORPG game world that provides players with immersive 3D gameplay accessible on any modern browser. It allows players to earn cryptocurrency and unique rare NFTs while enjoying the game itself.

Players get to build their character for free, and also upgrade it through the game’s play-to-earn mechanic. Because every character in Kryxivia is an NFT, players are able to start from the scratch and build a character that can fetch a high price on the open market if they later choose to sell. This is also means that there is an option of purchasing a character to use if a player wants to dispense with the hard work of leveling up. This means that, the player is in absolute control: they decide how they play, how far their characters will go, how and when they earn.

This definitely is the new era of online, decentralized gaming where you are in control of your properties. Everything is tradable and exchangeable between players, and every item and in-game property is owned in the form of blockchain NFT.

The World of Kryxivia

It is a fantasy world which offers endless opportunities to the characters that inhabit it. They begin their journey in Kryxivia city, a place that houses a mine filled with artifacts from ancient and powerful civilization. Those artifacts are called “Kryxit”. They are mysterious magical gems that hold tremendous power.

The mine is an infinite source of Kryxit which are hedl and kept secret by guardians; groups of monsters, dragons, and other creatures living in the mine protecting the ecosystem.

Players collect Kryxit by exploring the mine, encountering the creatures as they go. By defeating those enemies, players retrieve the Kryxit they protect. Each Kryxit has unique power and purity level that determines what it can do. When players link the Kryxit to items in their inventory, the ability to cast spells is unlocked. This permits them to defeat the creatures lurking deeper in the mine.

Another great feature, players can export the Kryxit into NFT form. This is another opportunity for players to profit from their gameplay.

How to Play

Although, Kryxivia works with any compatible modern browser, a Metamask based wallet is needed to authenticate and log in to the game.

The Game Economy

The game becomes more exciting when you realize you can profit from the Play-to-Earn experience to win real money.

There are two currencies available for use on Kryxivia: the Kryxivia coin ($KXA) and the Kryxit Shards ($KXS). Both are tradable and exchangeable on decentralized platforms like PancakeSwap. While $KXA is used outside the game world for purchases, $KXS is exclusively the in-game currency.

$KXA, deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, is the base cryptocurrency for on-chain payment and special packs such as started packs and special NFT sell events.

The Kryxivia Team

The team is made up of devout individuals with experience in several domains.

Fédéric Marinho is the CEO. He is actively running a crypto business and has been working in the space for many years.

Antoine Lelievre, the CTO, has previously worked with Unity game engine for over 6 years. He is currently employed at the Unity Technologies in the high-end rendering team.

There is a team of six programmers and three artists all of whom have a wealth of experience in using the Unity engine. They meticulously use this to create level-designs, dungeons contents and scenario.


Soon, Kryxivia will be deploying the NFT items marketplace to trade in-game assets with other players on-chain. There will be the addition of new dungeons and more specifications of items, Kryxit gems and spells gameplay development.

In 2022, the team is set to release the beta public access of the Kryxivia World on the main net of the BSC network. They will also be applying & listing $KXA and $KXS tokens on top major T1 centralized exchanges.


The Kryxivia coin has a total max supply of 250,000,000 $KXA coins. The $KXA token is not mintable, which means that it can’t have more than 250M $KXA issued.

Tokenomics of the Kryxivia Coin:

Server network hosting, game client, and server engine costs:

(3.00% = 7,500,000 $KXA)

Marketing, adoption increase and incentive to enlarge projects audience:

(5% = 12,500,000 $KXA)

In-Game events rewards, specials farming, and NFT rewards:

(2% = 5,000,000 $KXA)

Staking funds for Bank systems and net APY rewards for players:

(1.5% = 3,750,000 $KXA)

Development team payment costs, team share:

(12% = 30,000,000 $KXA)

Private token presale round to kick-start the project:

(20% = 50,000,000 $KXA)

Public token sale (ILO) for the game beta-release on Unicrypt Protocol:

(20% = 50,000,000 $KXA)

Ecosystem funds for extra-operations:

(15% = 37,500,000 $KXA)

Reserve treasury funds:

(21.5% = 53,750,000 $KXA)

Deployed tokens on the Binance Smart Chain:

Kryxivia Coin ($KXA) (250M Supply) 0x2223bF1D7c19EF7C06DAB88938EC7B85952cCd89

Kryxit Shard ($KXS) (5B Supply) 0x3A45DE9d92B45E29Eb46C2554cd70B9aa7FC6ACC

The Token Sale Plan

Based on the IDO model, using a decentralized platform, a fundraise is organized for the token, $KXA. The private sale access is made with a limited amount of tokens and a discount on price as reward. Then a public sale on the decentralized platform to kick-start the token entry into the market, on PancakeSwap and a CEX.

Private sale: ( ~ 25% discount from public sale price)

50,000,000 of $KXA (50M — 20% supply)

1 BNB: ~ 54,000 $KXA

1 $KXA = ~ 0,00001848 BNB

Price: $0.012 per $KXA

Raise of ~ 925 BNB = (Total = ~$600k)

Public sale: ( ~ 15% discount from listing price)

50,000,000 of $KXA (50M — 20% supply)

1 BNB: ~ 43,333 $KXA

1 $KXA = ~ 0,00002311 BNB

Price: $0.015 per $KXA

Raise of ~ 1155 BNB = (Total = ~$750k)

Listing on Pancake Swap:Price:

$0.01725 per $KXA

80% of the raise funds from Unicrypt locked for 1 year.

1 BNB: ~ 37,680 $KXA

1 $KXA = ~ 0.00002666 BNB

Total raise of ~ 2080 BNB ($1m3)

IDO Details

Kryxivia is launching their IDO on Binance Smart Chain. It will be launched on on December 1st, 2021.

Token Symbol: $KXA

IDO Price: $0.015

Initial market cap: $301,875

Vesting Period: TGE 25% unlocked then linear on 3 months

Network: BSC

How to take part

Taking part in the Kryxivia IDO is easy, simply follow these steps:

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a BSC based IDO, please see our docs:


Kryxivia aims to be an innovative 3D online, cooperative game working with blockchain and leveraging the crypto economy. Players can own their goods, making money while enjoying the game. The exchange and trade between users always exist on MMORPG.










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