Introducing START Liquidity Mining with Over 500,000% Initial APY 🤯

START Liquidity Mining goes live today at 18:00 UTC and promises high rewards for early depositors

Starter Labs
3 min readMay 10, 2021


Strong liquidity is a key tenet to any successful decentralized finance platform. That is why we have created START Liquidity Mining, an easy to use and built-in staking platform that allows you to deposit BNB and earn START tokens with very juicy APY rewards for providing additional liquidity to our ecosystem.

START Liquidity Mining showing over 500,000% initial APY for first adopters

Here is how it works.

Visit and select the Liquidity Mining option on the menu.

This will show you a stats bar with the following information:

Value Locked — total value locked in providing liquidity using this system
Mining Rewards—the amount of START tokens available for rewards
Total Supply —the max supply of START tokens
Total Burned—the total number of START tokens burned
APY — current START rewards APY for providing liquidity

Your BNB Balance — this shows the current BNB balance in your wallet. Enter the amount of BNB you would like to use to provide liquidity mining. 50% of this will be used to purchase START and pair with your BNB to add liquidity.

Your Staked LP — this shows the current amount of LP you are providing and its approximate value in USD. You can remove up to 20% of your liquidity at anytime, capped at one unstake per day, by clicking Unstake.

Pending START Rewards — this shows the amount of START tokens you have earned for providing liquidity. The intial APY is over 500,000% as shown in the image above.

Claiming rewards include associated burn fees for early claims as follows:

  • 0–7 Days: 25% rewards burn fee
  • 8–14 Days: 20% rewards burn fee
  • 15–30 Days: 10% rewards burn fee
  • 31–45 Days: 5% rewards burn fee
  • 45 Days+: 0% rewards burn fee

START Liquidity Mining goes live TODAY at 18:00 UTC. First adopters can expect APYs of over 500,000%!

Happy Mining!



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