Introducing Our New KYC & Project Verification Partner: Assure DeFi

Assure DeFi are pioneering KYC NFTs to validate approval on blockchain

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3 min readMay 1, 2021

Strategic partnerships play a vital role in our ambitious goal of becoming a comprehensive cross-chain launchpad.

More recently we have announced a partnership with the innovative blockchain insurance platform Bridge Mutual, Special Counsel to Lionel Iruk, the founder of the world’s biggest blockchain PR firm Michael Terpin, and Forbes Top 10 power influencer Warren Whitlock.

And now, to support the announcement of our next feature coming to BSCstarter, Certified $START, we can introduce our newest strategic partner — Assure DeFi.

With Assure DeFi on board, in addition to our partnerships with contract auditors Rug Detectives, and VidarTheAuditor, BSCstarter is fully equipped with the services required to comprehensively vet $START Certified projects.

“Applicants interested in joining the $START Certified program will undergo a thorough analysis of the project’s technical capabilities, business and team evaluation, marketing, community audit, and tokenomics review.

The application process can reach a maximum of 3 weeks, with launch activities adding another 3 weeks. Selections are made by the BSCstarter team and an appointed Council consisting of industry experts” — Lionel Iruk, BSCstarter Legal Advisor.

Assure DeFi will use their pioneering KYC NFTs to validate the identity of the team members of $START Certified projects, ensuring each project is legitimate; bringing enhanced safety and security to the $START community.

In addition to this, Optix is an investor optics audit, auditing the existence and quality of every public-facing piece of information that is relevant to an individuals decision to invest.

Utilising Optix, Assure DeFi can create a comprehensive audit of any project, which closely examines everything from private investors, to raise and use of funds, tokenomics, a full list of developers, contributors and much more.

Working closely with Assure DeFi we will create a synergy where stakeholders including the project team, private investors and venture partners, advisors, BSCstarter community and $START token holders, all enjoy the mutual benefits of complete KYC & verification.

Assure DeFi

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