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Launching on on June 1st

The metaverse is a universe in itself. For instance, imagine a simulated 3D digital environment connecting to the entire social, gaming, shopping and financial programs popularly used─ all interconnected and interacting in a digital ecosystem. Like this simulated model, the metaverse is the center, the focal point of all of these.

The steady rise in the number of NFTs and play-to-earn games, alongside the increased interest and focus on the metaverse indicates a clear trend toward the need for a more comprehensive online platform than what currently exists. Glory Planet aims to drive this coming evolution by combining cryptocurrency with the metaverse and building an ethical, decentralized, entertaining, and innovative project.

What is Glory Planet?

Glory Planet is a hybrid decentralized metaverse project built on Build and Build Chain (BNB Chain) with plans to go multi-chain. It combines DeFi with the metaverse, offering a new play-to-earn gaming experience where the uncertainty of being rewarded is completely removed. It is based in a metropolitan city, lifestyle-themed setting for an enhanced experience that taps into what makes humans unique; a drive and desire to explore, learn, play, work, and beyond.

It empowers users to generate different characters, use appropriate tools to create and build their own community, and at the same time carry out real-life activities such as meeting new friends, entertainment, work, and beyond. Users will be assigned a G-Pet with an identity based on their star sign. By training their G-Pet through missions, users will be rewarded for the work they do.


To join the game, players will need to purchase a set of NFTs from Binance/Glory Planet’s NFT marketplace. Upon acquiring an the complete set of NFTs, players will be eligible to join the Glory Planet and play to earn.

Mystery boxes will equip players with an outfit or item that comes in the form of an NFT. Upon registration on the Glory Planet app, each player will be assigned a G-Pet based on their date of birth (e.g. Aries). Players will equip their characters with the NFTs revealed from the mystery box and they are ready to start their first mission to play & earn rewards.

In the initial stages, players will be tasked with training their G-Pet by completing different levels of missions, and as further game updates are implemented, the missions will expand to cover all aspects of daily metaverse life, and more. Every mission runs for 30 days upon onboarding, with more missions unlocked at later stages.

Users and the Glory Planet

Users will have the ability to play and earn various rewards by completing rewarding valuable missions tasks.

Users can either use these rewards to progress further in the games or sell them for profit on the Glory Planet Market or on a CEX/DEX. The development of a comprehensive game ecosystem will give players a wide range of options to use their reward points within the game to increase their earning power, thereby reducing the level of liquidity injected into the market.

The Glory Planet Market will host all the NFTs and assets needed in-game. Once those NFTs are purchased, they will interact with the metaverse, or games within the metaverse, in various ways.

Users will also have the option to stake their rewards within the game to earn more through liquidity mining on Glory Planet.


$GLORY is the native token of the platform that powers the ecosystem. It is a BEP20 token used as the medium of exchange within the metaverse. $GLORY is used for buying, selling & trading in-game assets.

Token Utility

$GLORY is the medium of exchange through which all activities take place.

The Team

Cameron Andersen — Co-Founder
Co-Founder at Aura Box Media, TV Producer & Presenter. Crypto analyst & investor, NFT community rainmaker.

Christine Hsiang– Co-Founder
Previously Head of APEX. General Manager, Publicis Group Worldwide. Account Lead Greater China, Omnicom. Group Group Account Director, AdChina (Alimama China) . Co-founder, SERIOUS Production.

Chen Wei– CTO
IT, Devops, Blockchain project lead at Glory Planet. Had previously led several blockchain talents to develop smart contracts, digital exchange, DeFi, and more.


Alvin Foo
Co-founder at DAOventures & NASDEX. Previously Google’s Head of Mobile China, IPG Reprise China Managing Director, Omnicom China’s Head of Mobile. Advisors for SXSW, SOSventures, Sparklabs Korea.

Dr. James Ong
Founder & CEO of Origami. Founder & MD, Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII); Previously Co-Founder of Figment, Second Life Virtual World Agency. Crypto & NFT analyst and investor.



Q3 2021

  • Project initiation
  • Commencement of game development
  • System architecture, product UI/UX design and wireframing
  • Mobile app development for client-side access, including iOS/Android applications
  • Seed round funding

Q4 2021

  • Development of NFT marketplace
  • Blockchain infrastructure development and integration
  • MVP tested internally
  • Collaborate with NF kings and Princess Syahrini, an Indonesian celebrity to jointly launch a NFT promotion

Q1 2022

  • Onboarding strategic business partners and investors
  • Ramping up marketing and investors’ road show
  • IGO, IDO & TGE
  • DEX & CEX listing of Glory Tokens
  • Glory Planet’s Metaverse product launch
  • Community tester program
  • Private round funding

Q2 2022

  • Private round closed
  • Marketing plans and AMAs
  • IGO, IDO & TGE
  • DEX CEX Listing of Glory Tokens
  • Glory Planet’s Metaverse mobile gaming product launch
  • The release of Glory Planet’s mobile gaming platform launch
  • Buy and sell lands on Glory Planet’s Property Exchange
  • Additional CEX listing

Q3 2022

  • The release of Glory Planet’s Browser gaming platform
  • The launch of Glory Planet’s ecommerce platform
  • Buy and sell lands on Glory Planet’s Property Exchange

Q4 2022

  • Implement governance model for future protocol improvements
  • Glory Planet’s wallet development
  • Glory DAO initiation


IDO Details

Glory Planet is launching on

Ticker: $GLORY
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GLORY
Token Price: $0.02
Chain: BNB Chain
IDO Date: June 1st

How to Participate

To participate in the Glory Planet IDO, simply:

  • No KYC, but standard crypto restrictions apply
  • Supply your wallet with BNB
  • Buy $GLORY when the IDO starts

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About Glory Planet

The Glory Planet is a hybrid decentralized metaverse project built on Build and Build Chain (BNB Chain) with plans to go multi-chain. It aims to merge the concept of the metaverse with a cryptocurrency-based economy. It is based in a metropolitan city lifestyle-themed setting for an enhanced experience that taps into what makes humans unique; a drive and desire to explore, learn, play, work, and beyond.



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