GameX: Engineering Sustainable and Deflationary Play-to-Earn Ecosystems on the Blockchain

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5 min readApr 13, 2022


Launching on on April 21st

GameX is an innovative project founded by enthusiastic gamers around the world with a mission to develop exciting 3D and VR games on the blockchain including a Play to Earn mechanism and in-game NFT rarity integration. It is one of the leading tokens in building virtual reality games on the blockchain.

With the vision to engineer sustainable and deflationary Play-to-Earn ecosystems on the blockchain, GameX allows holders to take advantage of high APYs when staking GMX-GRP.


$GRP stands for GameX Resource Point. It is the gaming governance token for the ecosystem, and for all the future games that are to be developed by Game-X. The GRP smart contract runs on the BEP 20 network.


MetaRace is the first Player-vs-Player 3D racing game being developed by GameX. The game includes several multiplayer modes with a native token that fuels the ecosystem called $GRP. NFT cars are implemented in MetaRace which are split into four different categories: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary with a game concept similar to NFS and Forza yet fully built on Web3. What’s more is that a collection of car upgrades is offered as in-game add-ons that will eventually take the player’s car to a higher level when stacked, that in return will allow the player to enter a game in a wealthier prize pool.

Two tokens, $GRP which is the native token and $GMX, will be utilized. GRP is currently being implemented in MetaRace where it will give the users buying power for many in-app purchases. The deployment of $GRP will allow the team to build a multi-layered economic ecosystem, impose long-term sustainability and provide an everlasting vision for GameX.


  • NFT cars of all rarities
  • NFT car upgrades, utility items, vinyls, boosts and much more
  • Exclusive maps and locations
  • Extra game modes

One very important component to mention is that $GRP token revenues acquired from in-game purchases will be automatically burned.

This ecosystem is designed to be extremely sustainable when it comes to $GRP. It is intended to yield towards deflation rather than inflation even if the players are to be rewarded with $GRP.


In order for a player to enter a P2E game, an entry fee ‘X’ is required depending on the prize pool selected (discussed previously).

The Team


He started his journey in cryptocurrency 2 years ago when he first got his first mining rig. He learned a lot from ETH and developed his knowledge by studying courses related to the cryptocurrency industry and got his CBP (certified Bitcoin Professional) from C4.


Chief communication officer and has been in the crypto space for more than 3 years. He has been a marketing senior in another company before; he is an expert in social media & digital marketing, branding, and bringing Identity to any token or product.


Chief Operating Officer and the innovative mind behind the administrative operations of “GameX”, Possesses strong knowledge in the cryptocurrency industry with more than 4years experience in the business field.


Has a firm belief of “practice makes perfect”. Joseph has developed a taste for Development and Design, with knowledge of over 15 different softwares and a portfolio including many games, websites, videos, animations, VFX and mobile applications. Blockchain development is his next target in his learning process, and won’t settle until he achieves mastery.


Holding an approach of storytelling and maximizing the way an artwork would appeal to targeted audience. She specializes in branding a company’s identity from scratch and progressively following the criteria to associate different digital presences where companies are able to generate a certain reach.


With more than 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing and social media, she has strong communication skills and is always looking to optimize the reach of GameX. Carla has around 2 years of experience in the crypto world and still digging more into this huge yet exciting world.



  • MetaRace Testing Phase 1
  • Launching Staking portal
  • Launching The GameX Daily V1 (CRYPTO/Gaming Newspaper)
  • Expanding Community
  • Marketing Push
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Introducing GRP
  • Seed Phase GRP
  • Presale Rounds (private-public-ICO)


  • Launching GRP
  • New pools in the portal (GRP,GMX,BNB)
  • MetaRace Ultimate Competition
  • MetaRace Multiplayer Tournament
  • Top notch company audit (GRP,GMX)
  • Launching MetaRace NFT’s (Cars)
  • MetaRace main net
  • Launching NFT wallet
  • Multiple CEX listing


  • MetaRace updates (New maps, New Cars, additional features)
  • Extra Modes for MetaRace
  • Virtual reality implementation for MetaRace
  • Major CEX listing
  • Crosschain to multiple blockchain


  • Full implementation of virtual reality and simulation on MetaRace
  • Start building the next Game
  • Dual token DEX (GMX,GRP)
  • GameX wallet
  • NewsVerse Concept the GameX daily


IDO Details

GameX is launching on

Ticker: $GRP

Total Supply: 10,000,000 GRP

Token Price: $0.12

Chain: BSC

IDO Date: April 21st

How to Participate

To participate in GameX IDO, simply follow these steps:

  • Supply your wallet with BNB
  • Buy $GRP when the IDO starts

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About GameX

GameX is an innovative project founded by enthusiastic gamers around the world with a mission to develop exciting 3D and VR games on the blockchain including a Play 2 Earn mechanism and in-game NFT rarity integration. It is one of the leading tokens in building virtual reality games on the blockchain.





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