Crypto Meets Content, Vodra rewards Creators Not Corporations & It’s Coming to Starter.XYZ

A revolutionary new rewards model, designed to reward creators launches on Ethereum and utilises the power of Polygon. IDO 28th October.

Vodra is the next project to launch on the Starter (truly) multichain launchpad, and it’s coming up in just 6 days.

START-ers now is the time to understand what Vodra are building, what they will do differently to all content creator platforms (such as YouTube, Twitch, and others) that have come before them.

And how a combination of the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains will empower Vodra to employ an array of competitive advantages.

So let’s get into it…

What is Vodra?

Created by a team of entrepreneurs from Montreal, Vodra allows artists to earn a living by rewarding them based on the size of their audience. The $VDR they make is paid by supporters who pay for content they like.

Everyone who consumes online entertainment has doubtlessly sat through numerous invasive advertisements while browsing videos or streams. Perhaps you sat through it to support the content creator, knowing they use that ad revenue to make a living, or perhaps you were forced to in order to access the video.

What you may not have known at the time was that those platforms were skimming almost half of the proceeds. Even Twitch Bits, a virtual currency meant to directly support streamers, is taxed at a rate of 45%. Meaning 45% of your donation goes to Twitch, not the streamer.

Why do content platforms do this, and how are they getting away with it? The answer is simple: They do it because they can, and they are getting away with it by operating in a virtual monopoly.

Beyond the inability to directly and fairly compensate creators, there are also countless unjustified content strikes, account suspensions, algorithmic grey-listings, and many other arbitrary obstacles that hamper creators’ efforts to support themselves.

Even services that are meant to circumvent the traditional compensation models such as Patreon and Kickstarter take cuts as high as 12%. Vodra believes fans should be able to compensate their favourite content creators at a 1:1 rate.

Vodra’s vision has naturally turned the head of many content creators. Partnerships include the Lost Team, who manage many Twitch streamers, Fortnite world champions, a freestyle hockey player and personal finance and tech influencers like VanaderGrowth, Matt Upham and GrowthMindCheck.

How does it work?

Vodra is a decentralized donation platform with an accompanying utility token that allows creators to monetize their audience at no cost.

$VDR Tokens are awarded to content creators based on the size of their audiences, meaning creators who use the platform, hold a stake in it as well. The Vodra Platform hosts a number of tools for creators to use such as live donations, crowdfunding/voting and monthly pledges/rewards. These tools allow content creators on any platform to find the best way to engage with and receive compensation from their audiences.

The Vodra Platform allows users to donate $VDR Tokens to all of their favourite creators at no cost. There is no third party that can restrict a creator’s access to their compensation which ensures they are safe from unfair penalties or chargeback scams.

Vodra is also lightweight and platform agnostic meaning that creators do not need to migrate their audiences to receive compensation. The Vodra Platform works alongside existing content hosting platforms and social media sites to allow creators to continue working the way they are used to while opening up new revenue streams.


IDO Details

Vodra require you to complete KYC to take part in this sale, please do so here:


Approx initial market cap: ~$264k

Network: Ethereum
Date: October 28th Time TBC
Guaranteed Allocation: Yes, headstart 20 minutes.
Direct Link: Pool to follow

Softcap: 50k USDC
Hardcap: 115k USDC
IDO price: 0.0115 USDC
Listing price: 0.0115 USDC
Vesting: 50% on TGE, 50% 1 month later

Listing on Uniswap

How to take part

Taking part in the Vodra IDO is easy, simply follow these steps:

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in an ETH based IDO, please see our docs:

KYC is required for this IDO fill out here:


Website | Telegram | LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter | Discord | E-Mail


Vodra Token (VDR) is an ERC-20 utility token that is redeemed by content creators based on their audience size. It is the native currency of the Vodra Platform, in which audiences use the token to donate to creators and unlock various utilities. A Polygon Proof-of-Stake bridge provides seamless transfers to the Matic/Polygon blockchain, which means functionality and transactions on the Vodra Platform completely avoid gas fees.

Content creators across all platforms can join Vodra and redeem their audience sizes for VDR. Streamers, vloggers, athletes, musicians, gamers, educators and every other type of creative mind is able to monetize their content with Vodra’s powerful tools and integrations. Creators can now hold a stake in where they receive their compensation from and no longer have to worry about income instability.


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