Certified START IDO: Mercor Finance Brings Sophisticated Trading Algorithms to Everyday Investors

Currently, algorithmic trading is out of reach for the average investor, with Mercor Finance, that all changes. Whitelisting required.

Certified START introduces a new level of IDOs for $START-ers. Each Certified IDO is hand-picked, where both the identity of all team members and the concept of the project are highly vetted.

Operating as both a service provider and gatekeeper, only the best possible projects are considered. Ensuring our loyal $START-er community have exclusive access to the most promising projects to enter the blockchain space.

In conjunction with our partners at Assure DeFi, every element of the business is analysed, from technical capabilities to business and team evaluation, marketing and audit, to tokenomics.

Mercor Finance not only ticked all boxes but excelled in the overall evaluation and we are excited to be able to give them a CERTIFIED $START on what we expect will be a long and illustrious career in blockchain.

What is Mercor Finance?

In today’s global market, corporations and institutions — those with the most money and power — have access to the best algorithmic trading tools. Mercor aims to disrupt the status quo using blockchain and smart contracts to democratise algorithmic trading so that average investors and developers alike can benefit from those same tools, with the $MRCR token the key to unlocking the features of the trading platform.

Driven by a core team of 4 developers and 2 business development and marketing professionals, much of the team has been in the crypto space since 2013 and resides in Central Europe.

As a former quantitative trader and researcher for a large European investment firm, two of the core members have extensive experience in the quant/algorithmic trading industry, and their experience has formed the basis for the Alpha environment Mercor Finance currently resides in.

Comparable to existing products such as Alpaca and Metatrader with estimated values of $50M+, and focus on existing markets such as stocks and shares, Mercor Finance is a first-mover in the crypto space.

With a strong concept and product, Mercor also retains the IP for the trading engine and platform, which is built using original, custom code by the Mercor Finance development team.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Colloquially known as ‘algo trading’, the dominance of algorithmic trading is not yet as strong in the crypto markets as their traditional counterparts, the consensus is that crypto markets are moving in that direction, playing into the hands of large institutional investors currently entering the market.

Within crypto, there is an increasing emphasis on passive income.

  • Mining — the first “passive” income that’s been around since the inception of Bitcoin.
  • Staking
  • And now, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) — with its lending platforms and yield farming, have captured the interests of market participants.

With the emergence of these new business models in blockchain-based decentralised finance, investing and automatically receiving interest via algorithmic trading (for a modest fee) is very relevant.

Unlike traditional markets, crypto markets are accessible 24/7, every day of the year, and are well known for their extreme volatility, low fees, and barriers to entry. The ability to respond quickly and without emotion at any time is critical to a trader’s success.

Even in bear markets, algorithmic trading is successful, which means that passive income can be generated while most, if not all, cryptocurrencies are losing value — and, in general, this opens up the possibility of cryptocurrency becoming a viable full-time source of income for many more people.

What advantages does Mercor Finance bring to the world of algorithmic trading?

Traders and investors face several problems when attempting to invest with the help of algorithmic trading tools. Comparing and backtesting algorithms is extremely difficult, making it nearly impossible to objectively study different algorithms.

Fees and subscriptions are often extremely expensive, demanding high minimal investments, limiting accessibility to only certain individuals or companies. In addition, entering the algorithmic trading market typically requires a lot of knowledge.

Imbued with sophisticated artificial intelligence, the Mercor platform addresses these issues in a number of ways. As algorithms are created, they are audited by the Mercor security and fraud module. If approved, they will be encrypted and saved in the algorithm storage. Developers can then test the effectiveness of the algorithms using the Mercor platform backtest environment. Developers will also have a tier available for which they can host their own secured container which will communicate with the Mercor API to trigger smart contract trades, this gives the developer the possibility to not share their code directly with the platform.

In regards to fees, the Mercor platform provides free access for both developers and investors. Developers will be charged in Mercor Tokens ($MRCR), based on computational power used and total trading volume. Traders will be charged competitive trading fees.

To lower the barrier of entry, almost no knowledge of algorithmic trading is required to begin using the platform. The platform has an academy module that includes a demo environment where users can practice and perform fictitious trades. This also allows new users to test the platform without any commitment. Developers can also create academy modules for more advanced trading algorithms and strategies.

$MRCR Token Utility

Both the investors and the developers will need MRCR tokens to make use of the Mercor platform.

For Developers

Developers will earn fees by deploying their algorithms onto the Mercor platform. The amount of fees gained by the developer will be calculated by a capped variable fee that is set by the developer. This is done to create a free market effect, in which the best-performing algorithms can demand the highest fees.

Developers can stake $MRCR tokens in tiers that will allow them to unlock tools that can be used to create more advanced trading algorithms. Furthermore, developers can use $MRCR tokens to purchase additional storage and computational power to train and run their algorithms in more advanced environments.

For Investors

Investors need $MRCR tokens and a native coin to invest in an algorithm. The $MRCR tokens need to be staked and depending on the amount staked and the corresponding tier, certain benefits will be available. Once an investor chooses an algorithm, a fee will be applied which will be used to pay the developer fee.

The Mercor platform will have two main burning mechanisms to create a stable coin value. A burn fee will be imposed on early staking withdrawal for traders who withdraw their $MRCR from the staking contract prematurely.

Transaction fee burning will occur as a spread fee that includes the spread of the exchange and a Mercor platform fee. This fee will consist of a percentage of the total value traded by the algorithm.

25% of all trading fees will be used to buy back and burn $MRCR tokens. $MRCR token holders may also stake $MRCR tokens to receive staking rewards and benefits.


Maximum total supply: 100,000,000 $MRCR

Locked exchange liquidity: 13,000,000 $MRCR
Private Sale: 25,000,000 $MRCR
Development: 16,000,000 $MRCR
Team: 8,000,000 $MRCR
IDO on BSCstarter: 5,000,000 $MRCR
Legal & Advisors: 6,000,000 $MRCR
Reserve: 7,000,000 $MRCR
Marketing: 15,000,000 $MRCR
Community Rewards: 5,000,000 $MRCR

IDO Details

As a Certified $START IDO, no voting will be required for the Mercor Finance pool.

Mercor Finance has also chosen to introduce KYC for all IDO participants. In addition to staking a minimum of 50 $START, you will need to whitelist your wallet by completing the following form: https://gleam.io/Rdfip/mercor-whitelist

Start date: 13:00 UTC 26th May 2021
Guaranteed Allocation: Yes, 15 minutes, followed by FCFS

Softcap: 200 BNB
Hardcap: 1150 BNB
IDO price: 0.0002222 BNB/Token
Listing price: 0.0002359 BNB/Token

Liquidity allocation: 25%
Liquidity locked: 365 days

Mercor Finance

Telegram Announcements
Telegram Public Channel

About Mercor

Mercor aims to decentralize the algorithmic trading market. The Mercor platform provides its users with the instruments to develop and the possibility to invest in what is known as the black box of trading, algorithmic trading. On the one hand, we supply developers with analytical tools, backtesting capabilities, and exclusive data. On the other hand, we make investing in algorithmic trading publicly accessible, by reducing entry barriers. With the power of the crowd, we create an environment in which no individual is restricted by expensive data or high entry barriers. We are supplying ordinary people with the tools previously only available to a handful of institutions.

Mercor will give ordinary traders the opportunity to directly invest in complex algorithms with no intervention of large institutional investors, through an accessible social platform focused on ease of use and education. Mercor aims to connect traders with development teams and their algorithms, with worldwide access on all devices, providing our users with the ability to profit from a previously inaccessible market.


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