BUSTA, the Next Generation in GameFi Arrives on Binance Smart Chain

Certified START IDO, BUSTA, takes place on August 24th. Here’s what you need to know…

It’s time to go $BUST or go home. BUSTA is the next IDO on the Starter.xyz multichain launchpad, and we are excited about this next-generation iGaming & DeFi platform.

Taking place on Starter BSC, BUSTA combines two of the most sought after utilities of 2021, decentralized finance, and iGaming, culminating in a term we have all become rather familiar with — GameFi.

At the heart of BUSTA is the multi-token crash game. But there is so much more to BUSTA than this devilishly addictive crash game, in fact, there is a whole ecosystem, DEX included! — Designed from the ground up to reward the $BUST DAO and therefore $BUST holders.

What is BUSTA?

BUSTA aims to boldly go where no crash game has gone before… Binance Smart Chain. In fact, there are many more unique factors to BUSTA than simply this.

The five main components of the BUSTA ecosystem include:

  1. iGaming platform: $STARTing with BUSTA CRASH, a progressive jackpot game, this will eventually be the home of many games.
  2. Trading and betting module: BUSTA contains its own niche DEX and farm for profitability for trading and betting on $BUST, as well as partner tokens.
  3. Partnership programme: The program has a new approach to increasing the user base through referral links, where both parties benefit from a steady flow of passive income from play, trade and farming.
  4. Partnership portal: Partners can list tokens in the BUSTA platform for constant pressure when burning the partner’s native token, which is provided by automated revenue collection and distribution.
  5. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): BUSTA’s DAO allows the community to control most of the ecosystem in the voting process.

A Genuinely Rewarding Ecosystem

The founders of BUSTA aim to create a circular business model that would benefit players, investors, participants, traders, affiliates and partners. The ecosystem is designed so that each component benefits the other; and as each grows in popularity and volume, the entire ecosystem and community reap rewards.

If you are really keen on understanding how the BUSTA Ecosystem works, then check this bad boy out!

Be the House

#GameFi is at the heart of the BUSTA ecosystem, and alongside the unique DEX concept, offers a huge amount of utility for the entire platform.

The iGaming platform will essentially grant the players the ability to be the ‘house’ by betting and holding $BUST and winning prizes while people play and trade.

The first game to launch on the platform, based on the hugely popular BustaBit, is BUSTA CRASH — and what’s more, it’s in BETA and waiting for you to play right now with BNB.

Well, what are you waiting for!? Get a taste for what BUSTA build: http://crash.busta.gg

How does BUSTA CRASH work?
Users can place their bets with BNB (or partner tokens in the future), watch the multiplier curve increase exponentially, and then click the stop button to claim their winnings before the game eventually collapses. That way, the longer the round, the more you can win … but if the game crashes before you go out, the bet is lost.

iGaming & Crypto

Crypto and gaming have long had their fates aligned. United by a common audience, the two separate markets are fast finding their synergy.

The BUSTA GameFi platform aims to capitalise on this, with new, original games already in the works, and acquisitions of gaming companies, and third party gaming integrations firmly in their sights.

Each of the games will be demonstrably fair and will generate a small amount of revenue for the ecosystem in the form of the edge of the house. The edge of the house will then be distributed throughout the ecosystem through smart contracts for the benefit of the community and $ BUST token holders.

A DEX Like No Other

The crypto space is full of punchy one-liners and marketing spin, but when BUSTA says it has created a decentralized exchange like no other, it is no exaggeration.

The BUSTA DEX, initially launching on BSC with cross-chain firmly on the agenda, allows for customizable transaction taxes and automated fee distribution to benefit listed tokens in ways never before seen in DeFi.

In short, what this means, is that any token (take LINK for example) can add liquidity to the BUSTA DEX and fully customise the transaction tax for their token.

The current model: Uniswap, like many other DEX’s, operates with a transaction (or trading) tax. This tax collects a small percentage of every trade that takes place on the exchange (usually around 0.25–0.5%) and then shares it between the DEX treasury and rewards for liquidity providers. This is how the DEX earns fees, and how LP providers are rewarded.

Currently, there is no way of altering this tax. It is applicable to every token, and every trade that takes place on the DEX.

The BUSTA DEX, for the first time, has built the transaction tax functionality into the router of their automated market maker (AMM) — and as a result, has made it fully customisable.

This tailored transaction tax is very attractive for a number of reasons. Primarily, for tokens plagued by trading bots, BUSTA DEX provides a safe haven. But also, for tokens that value their availability on Centralised Exchanges (CEXs), BUSTA DEX provides a way for them to have both.

Many CEXs just outright don’t list tokens with transaction taxes — especially most of the big ones because the exchanges have to consider the tx tax every time they process a withdrawal or transfer funds between wallets internally. Conversely, many of these tokens are missing out on a small tax that could be used to reinvest into their ecosystem. BUSTA is the solution.

IDO Details

Audits: https://docs.busta.gg/bust-token/audits

Date: 24th August 2021 23:30 UTC
Guaranteed Allocation: Yes, headstart 5 minutes.
Direct Link: https://starter.xyz/#/pool/130

Softcap: 200 BNB
Hardcap: 1032 BNB
IDO price: 0.0000215 BNB
Listing price: 0.0000251 BNB

Liquidity allocation: 10%, locked on PancakeSwap (with the rest locked on BUSTA DEX)
Liquidity locked: 1 Day (then moved to BUSTA DEX)

How to take part

Taking part in a Starter IDO on BSC is easy! Just follow the simple steps below:

Here is how much $START you need to qualify for the different tiers:

And this is how the different investment rounds work:

Win 1 of 10 Unique StarterXbusta NFTs & $100 in BUST!

In celebration of the hugely anticipated BUSTA IDO on Starter.xyz (BSC) on the 24th of August, 2021. Busta have minted 10 unique Banalien NFTs titled ‘The Breeder’. Only 10 of this unique NFT will ever exist.

10 Starters will win 1 NFT and $100 of BUST (airdropped post-IDO).

Enter here: https://gleam.io/competitions/gfw8m-busta-ido-on-starterxyz


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