BUIDL on Base: Introducing Starter’s Highly Anticipated IDO

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5 min readMar 25, 2024


Starter is thrilled to announce the launch of its native token, $BUIDL, through an upcoming IDO set for March 28th. Hosted on Starter’s platform built on the Base chain, this event marks a monumental leap forward for both the project and the wider crypto community.

About Starter

Since our inception in 2021, Starter Labs has been a pioneer in blockchain-based product research and development. Fuelled by a relentless drive for innovation, we’ve become a cornerstone in facilitating secure and seamless fundraising for emerging projects within the crypto space.

Amidst the tumultuous waves of the 2022 bear market, we showcased resilience in the face of adversity. In an industry characterized by volatile market conditions, the ability to weather storms becomes paramount. Despite the challenges, we remained steadfast in our pursuit of progress, demonstrating unwavering dedication to our vision.

It is during such trying times that the true strength and commitment of projects is tested, and Starter emerged as a beacon of resilience. Our steadfast commitment to innovation paved the way for groundbreaking initiatives like the Atlanta Blockchain Center — an immersive incubator and events hub nestled in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Atlanta Blockchain Center Grand Opening

Serving as a nucleus for blockchain enthusiasts, the Atlanta Blockchain Center offers more than just a physical space — it fosters a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration, education, and networking. From coworking spaces to educational programs and networking events, the center serves as a catalyst for driving innovation and fostering community spirit within the blockchain landscape. Since inception, we’ve hosted over 100+ weekly events featuring guest speakers from renowned organizations such as Hedera, Coinbase, the FBI, BitPay, Mastercard, Circle and many others.

At Starter Labs, we believe that true innovation thrives in environments where collaboration and community are nurtured. During the bear market, over 20 companies have graduated from our Immutable Founders IRL incubator program. Through initiatives like the Atlanta Blockchain Center, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, paving the way for a brighter, more interconnected future in the blockchain space.

Starter Labs Web3 Pitchfest in Atlanta, GA

About the BUIDL Token

$BUIDL serves as the native token of Starter, embodying our ethos of active development and growth within the blockchain ecosystem. Operating on the Base chain, $BUIDL boasts a maximum supply of 215,000,000 tokens, all fully distributed with vesting and no minting. Dive deeper into our tokenomics.

BUIDL Token Utility

$BUIDL holders stand to gain a plethora of benefits, granting them exclusive access to our dynamic platform and the opportunity to reap rewards through staking. As we prepare to launch IDOs featuring exceptional projects, holders can amplify their rewards by staking higher quantities of $BUIDL, thereby unlocking enhanced privileges and various incentives. Discover more about the utility of $BUIDL in great detail here.

Partnerships and Audits

At the heart of our journey lie strategic partnerships with leading entities such as 369 Capital, Ascensive Assets, Hourglass Launch Station, Marshland, BDE Ventures, RD Ventures, Vetme, and Andromeda Capital, further solidifying our position within the blockchain industry. Furthermore, our platform has undergone meticulous audits by esteemed entities like RD Ventures, ensuring ironclad security and unwavering integrity.

A brief look into some of our partners

How to Prepare for $BUIDL IDO

The $BUIDL token will be distributed through a token sale on the Starter platform itself, built on the Base chain. To participate in the upcoming IDO, follow these steps:

1. Prepare Your Wallet

Ensure you have a compatible wallet ready to participate in the IDO. This includes wallets such as Coinbase wallet or MetaMask that support the Base chain.

For instructions on setting up Coinbase Wallet on your computer, you can watch this tutorial.

To add Base as a custom network to MetaMask:

  • Open the MetaMask browser extension.
  • Access the network selection dropdown menu by clicking the dropdown button at the top of the extension.
  • Click the Add network button.
  • Click Add a network manually.
  • In the Add a network manually dialog that appears, enter the following information for Base Mainnet:

Network Name: Base Mainnet

New RPC URL: https://mainnet.base.org

Chain ID: 8453

Currency Symbol: ETH

Block Explorer URL (Optional): https://basescan.org

2. Fund Your Wallet with $ETH

As ETH serves as the primary currency for transactions on the Base chain, participants can fund their wallets by purchasing ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) like Coinbase or Bybit. Once acquired, simply transfer the ETH to your wallet via the Base network.

3. Purchase $BUIDL with $USDC

During the IDO, participants will be required to purchase $BUIDL tokens using $USDC. The minimum that a wallet can purchase is $500 USD, while the maximum is $1000 USD, providing an opportunity for widespread participation.

To acquire USDC in your Coinbase wallet or MetaMask you can transfer $USDC from a CEX (Coinbase). Another option is to swap some of your $ETH to $USDC through the Aerodome DEX.

4. What to Expect during the IDO

Just moments before the IDO commences, we will announce the IDO pool details in our Telegram Community. Your next steps will involve connecting your wallet and swiftly making your purchase into the pool. Keep in mind, the public price for $BUDIL tokens will be set at $0.02, and entry into the presale operates on a first-come-first-served basis.

5. Join the Starter Community

For the latest updates and detailed information about the $BUIDL IDO, we extend a warm invitation to join our vibrant community and follow our social platforms. By staying connected, you’ll be among the first to know about all the exciting developments we have in store

What’s Next?

Just a day after the IDO, $BUIDL will be listed on an exchange. The listing is scheduled for Friday, March 29th, on a platform that will be revealed soon. This opportunity will enable those who missed out on the public sale to quickly acquire $BUIDL tokens.

Starter Links

Website: https://starter.xyz
Telegram: https://t.me/starterlabshq
Twitter: https://twitter.com/starterlabshq
Docs: https://docs.starter.xyz
$BUIDL Contract: https://basescan.org/address/0xdADc4F8E9d8d37294de0E02A2Ce8Cc0c90A4F6c2



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