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Launching on on March 14, 2022


New models are erupting daily around Blockchain technology. One of its biggest disruptors is asset tokenization, which is completely changing how we see the financial industry. There are currently trillions of dollars locked in assets which cannot be exploited, and to which there is little access. Markets such as real estate, IP, art, scarce and valuable resources are mainly owned by institutional investors, allowing little room for the retail investors to enter these markets. This means that retail investors are only left with the possibility of investing in debt or equity markets, where there’s high volatility and risk.

This is where asset tokenization comes into play. Through tokenization, AssetFi will open new markets to anyone in the world, allowing readily available capital to flow into illiquid markets, opening a world of opportunities. AssetFi is focused on tokenizing a wide range of assets and offering broader quality investments formerly reserved for institutional investors.

What is AssetFi?

AssetFi is a groundbreaking solution aimed at solving financial exclusion by providing a platform for converting physical assets, NFTs and companies to tokens for micro-ownership by small investors.

With the vision to “enable ownership for all” AssetFi aims to make ownership more transparent, accessible, inclusive, and efficient. It intends to cut out the middleman, throw out the barrier to entry, enable direct transferability of assets, and make insurance easier and more accessible.

Why is AssetFi unique?

There are countless other asset tokenization platforms, and even more will come, however, there is a gap most have failed to fill, which is what AssetFi is primed for. Unlike most others, AssetFi introduces a democratic process that strips off bureaucracy and bottlenecks for both asset owners and investors alike.

It addresses the illiquidity of physical assets and tackles the exclusion of small-scale investors from participating in lucrative asset markets like art, real-estate, early-stage companies, equity, and rare NFTs for the simple reason that these are beyond reach and typically reserved for the wealthy. Access barriers make most investment opportunities available exclusively to accredited investors, making the rich richer and leaving others with hardly any chances to break the glass ceiling. There are unnecessary barriers, including geographical and jurisdictional constraints that prevent an alliance of investors from forming.

AssetFi provides fractional ownership of assets by converting real-world assets to blockchain tokens. This will provide liquidity to illiquid assets, and in turn grant access to small investors to own chunks of large assets.

AssetFi provides a decentralized protocol where owners of select NFTs can mint fractional ownership of their NFTs. Given that fungible tokens are flexible and can be exchanged for another of its kind without intrinsic value loss, AssetFi provides a modular smart contract application layer that generates BEP20 tokens which is then linked to an ERC721 NFT. This way, anyone who holds any of the ERC20 tokens generated can own a percentage of the NFT.


$AFI is the native token of the AssetFi platform. It allows investors in the AssetFi Platform to access instant liquidity in secondary markets.

Token Description

Token Name: AssetFi

Ticker: $AFI

Token Type: BEP-20

Token Supply: 500,000,000

Nominal Token Price: $0.015

Diluted Token Valuation: $7,500,000

Token Utility

$AFI token is the lifeblood of fractionalization. When an asset or company is fractionated on AssetFi, the base currency for transacting the said asset is $AFI.

$AFI is the currency for accessing secondary liquidity markets or trading on the DEMA (Decentralized Marketplace).

The token utility is built tightly into the platform. When assets are offered up in the DEMA, users can only purchase using the native token, $AFI.


The AssetFi team is made up of a group of 5 talented and amazing individuals from different niches of professionalism and strong backgrounds in finance, engineering, blockchain development, marketing and business strategy.

They are passionate about bridging traditional investing with the incredible portal that DeFi and the Blockchain technology opens up. Although the team has remained completely anonymous, it is keen on building a platform that thrives on the core tenets of the Blockchain.



Q1 2022

  • Web Platform Beta Launch/Bug Bounty Program
  • Top-tier First Exchange Listing
  • SDK and Open API Beta Releases
  • Release Platform Documentation
  • Mainnet Live
  • Web Platform Official Launch
  • Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) Released
  • Cloud Platform Integrations
  • Staking and Delegation

Q2 2022

  • Cardano Integration Completion
  • Cross-Chain Marketplace (DEMA) and Exchange Launch
  • Cross-Chain Derivatives Launch
  • AssetFi Growth™ Release
  • AssetFi NoobCurve Rollout
  • AssetFi Investment Streaming (AIS) Rollout

Token Allocation
Total Tokens: 500,000,000
Platform Usage: 450,000,000
For Sale: 50,000,000

No Private Sale
Public Sale Allocation: 50M (10%)
Public Sale Price: $0.015

Public Sale: 50M (10%)
30% released at TGE
10% monthly linearly release

Team: 50M (10%)
12 months cliff
4% monthly release

Advisors: 25M (5%)
12 months cliff
4% monthly release

Liquidity: 90M (18%)
Reserved for DEX and CEX liquidity providers

Ecosystem: 160M (32%)
1 Month Cliff
4% Monthly Release.
(Reserved for partnerships, user acquisition and platform development)

Marketing: 75M (15%)
5% unlock 10 Days Post-TGE
5% monthly release

Reserve: 50M (10%)

IDO Detail

AssetFi is launching on
Token Ticker: $AFI
Chain: BSC
Token price: $0.015
Total Type: BEP-20
IDO Date: March 14, 2022
IDO Time: 16:00 UTC

How to Participate

To participate in AssetFi IDO, simply follow these steps:

  • Buy START on
  • Bridge START via AnySwap
  • Buy $AFI when the IDO starts

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a BSC based IDO, please see our docs:

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About AssetFi

AssetFi is an end-to-end asset tokenization and issuance ecosystem, consisting out of a set of protocols for enhanced ownership, The AssetFi Platform serving as a user-friendly interface, connecting investors with issuers and our provenance architecture (Oracle providers) which ensures the safety and compliance of the whole process. We serve both, as a technology and infrastructure provider, as well as a primary market for issuance.



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