ANOMUS Eradicates Misinformation in the Media

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What is ANOMUS ?

ANOMUS is a completely decentralized news platform that plans to eradicate misinformation in the media through community governance. There will be no shareholders or executives pushing their own narratives in the media with misinformation.

The creators of ANOMUS saw the way NFT’s revolutionized the art world, giving artists intellectual ownership of all their properties. ANOMUS’s new platform intends to provide the same revolution to writers and journalists.

All of their content will be tamper-proof and minted as an NFT blockchain. The $ANOM tokens was created as the incentive to encourage users to publish, audit, and read content by issuing rewards for participation and proper use of the platform.

To ensure ANOMUS has unique voices constantly providing content, the platform will be stored on IPFS so that it may be accessed by readers and content creators all over the globe. Anyone on the planet can become a content creator and submit posts for publishing.

ANOMUS has recently caught the attention of many investors and strategic partners such as

The ANOMUS principles

1. To become objective when creating or contesting content

2. To remain unbiased when creating or contesting content

3. No racial, ideological, or political content promoting segregation

4. No content that would encourage, promote, instigate, or defend the harm of a person or a group of people

5. Not to create any false content, spread rumors, or facilitate the spreading of rumors without having the knowledge acquired directly to support or refute those rumors

6.To believe in the freedom of speech and press

How to publish content with ANOMUS?

An author’s reputation will factor into the amount of staked tokens required to publish their content. The better an Author’s reputation on the platform is, the fewer tokens required to publish. Author’s may choose to boost their articles with their real life name, or post anonymously if that is more comfortable for them.

As part of the Anomus Incentive Program, authors will be rewarded with $ANOM tokens for submitting content verified by the community fact checkers. There may also be ads placed in their content or subscriptions that will allow authors to earn even more $ANOM tokens. Well reputed authors will also have other perks such as higher article spread, listings as reputable authors, and instant reputation on new threads and topics

Author’s may also suggest edits and rewrites of other creators’ works. Creating an annotation for another authors work will create a thread-like discussion and ongoing dialogue as to how to improve the content.

Auditing and Fact Checking

Community governance is extremely important to the ANOMUS ecosystem. For this system to thrive they require a community of auditors and fact checkers.

To qualify as a fact checker, ANOMUS users will be required to stake $ANOM tokens. The process was implemented to safeguard the commitment of users who intended to be auditors.

For auditors to flag content as fake or incorrect they will need to stake their $ANOM tokens. The process of flagging will always result in community disputes, which could lead to the editing or removal of content.

Building a good reputation as an auditor is extremely important. Auditors with a good reputation and effective participation will receive $ANOM tokens for their hard work.

Benefits for Readers?

ANOMUS doesn’t exclusively offer rewards to its content creators and auditors. Readers can get in on the incentives as well. Readers will have the opportunity to compete in staking pools that decide whether or not content is accurate. The pools will be divided into two sections “TRUE” & “FALSE,” with the winning side receiving the total rewards.

Readers will also have the options to donate to content creators freely.

NOTE: In order to access paid content, readers will need to subscribe. Using ANOM tokens, the subscription will be paid by the reader to the author.


  • Protocol Development Proposals — Every ANOMUS user can participate in the protocol development proposals. This will activate once the appropriate amount of $ANOM tokens have been acquired in the proposal pool.
  • Voting — Users will be able to vote for protocol development proposals; voting power will be determined by the amount of $ANOM tokens each user holds.
  • Soft Initiatives — Users will initiate soft initiatives in the form of community engagements with published content and marketing campaigns. All soft initiatives will utilize $ANOM tokens to initiate and operate.

Freedom Of Speech

While it’s important to ensure that readers are receiving fact based information, it is also quite important to protect the freedom of speech of the content creators. It is quite literally impossible to achieve both goals, but ANOMUS is doing their best by introducing a quarantine section for content that has been flagged as false.

No content will ever be deleted, readers will still have the opportunity to read content that has been sent to the quarantine section. ANOMUS isn’t here to censor anyone’s voice.

Due to the fact that there is no large corporate entity paying the bills, writers will lack the same financial incentive to spread misinformation. With the governance system in place, writers will be more encouraged to create factually based content in order to maintain a good reputation in the ecosystem.

When Will ANOMUS launch the news platform?

ANOMUS is planning for Alpha-Release in December 2021


The Native $ANOM tokens will facilitate a shared community ownership of the platform and ensure a diverse, multi-faceted governance system that will reward contributing members and directly shape the protocol’s development.

Private round: 23% of total supply. 20% at TGE 5% monthly after 16 months after 1st quarter

Public Round: 3% of total supply. 33.3% on TGE; Vesting 33.3% monthly

Liquidity: 15% on TGE: Followed by 15% on months: 2, 5, 8, 11, 14 and 10% on month 17

Adoption Incentives: 0% on TGE; Followed 10% after 1 week and 4% for 21 month

Team: 0% on TGE; 10% in months: 14,17,20,23, 7.5% in months; 16, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25

Advisors: 0% on TGE; 15% on month 7, 30% on months 13 and 16, 25% on month 17

Development: 0% on TGE; 25% on months 13, 16, 19, 22

IDO Details

Network: BSC

Date: November 26th, Time TBC

Direct Link: Pool to follow

Softcap: 60.000$

Hardcap: 120.000$

IDO price: 0,003$

Listing price: 0,003$

Vesting : 34% at TGE then 34% on month 1 & 32% on month 2

Listing on PancakeSwap

How to take part

Taking part in the ANOMUS IDO is easy, simply follow these steps:

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in a BSC based IDO, please see our docs:

KYC is required for this IDO fill out here: verification.liveness:read verification.liveness.details:read verification.wallet:read verification.wallet.details:read


ANOMUS is a 100% decentralized news protocol providing the world access to fairly distributed news. Every content piece is tamper-proof and minted as an NFT on the blockchain.






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