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9 min readJan 12, 2022

January 17, 2022

Revenues for artists’ have been declining exponentially as album sales continue to plummet, touring capacity is limited, and streaming has increased. Fans are deprived from more personal interactions with artists and are in need of a solution. Since last year, many events have moved online. This phenomenon has become an imperative part of our lives and continues to expand with colossal potential.

What is Animal Concerts?

We are revolutionizing the music industry for fans and artists worldwide: delivering unique, physical concerts with A-list artists, collaborating on NFT drops, live streaming in the Metaverse, and tokenizing that entire experience!

Animal Concerts plans to transform the music industry and solve the timely issue that disengages artists and fans. Some of the ways it will do this are the following:

  • Enhance the Metaverse experience and live concerts
  • Rare NFT drops featuring artists which include album art, tangible items, NFT tickets, and NFT experiences (meet and greet)
  • NFT ticketing systems means on-chain ticket and NFT revenues easily and transparently make their way back to users Sponsorships & Partnerships
  • Marketing, Data & Advertising opportunities
  • Introduction of the next 100 million users to the cryptocurrency space

The Animal token will be the Digital Currency for the ecosystem. Users can purchase concert tickets, wearables, NFTs and other products directly from the app. Some more additional uses are the are following:

  • Medium of exchange within the ecosystem
  • Watch 2 Earn — users earn rewards for active participation in our metaverse events
  • Governance of the NFT marketplace and on-chain treasury which is directly linked to digital merchandise sales
  • Artist/Fan interaction through voting and participating in concert activities
  • Stake to earn status, tickets, perks and entries into limited edition giveaway

Reshaping the industry

Animal is expected to reshape the entertainment industry. In doing so, we see revenues being generated through a combination of strategic initiatives: First, to bring online streaming concerts to the next level. Next, to book top tier artists for concerts and have them promote our brand and platform. Lastly, have multiple potential verticals including Art, Music, Video Games & NFT’s.

Animal Concerts will have agreements and confirmed bookings with the world’s top 50 bands and artists, and will work with the best agents and organizers to hold many spectacular events in the first year.

Maximizing the token utility

  • Smaller stadiums and venues will be charged a per event fee to receive the event or concert stream. Venues can earn back tokens if their sell out is in record time.
  • Centralized and decentralized streaming services will pay to be a recognized supplier, they can also be rewarded with tokens in line with the quality of their streaming service when they join the platform network and protocol — it’s a win for all!
  • Promoters, distributors, and sales agents earn tokens for faster than agreed sales of tickets vs their contract — this encourages a healthy amount of competition with transparent and fair terms.
  • Advertisers, brands, and partners can purchase the Animal Token in order to advertise on the platform.
  • Exclusive brand launches with digital partners with unique digital content to be featured in games and online worlds.
  • NFTs as a service: to bands, publishers, record labels, and media organizations from inception to launch.
  • Animal Concerts assist a number of non crypto native businesses become crypto native
  • Complimentary additional marketplaces add to distribution and sales to sell content, digital merchandising and NFTs, offering discounts and rewards with tokens.

Animal is developing relationships with world-leading agencies and their artists to create additional merchandising opportunities through combining the traditional concert model with blockchain technology. This model involves acquiring the rights to sell merchandise via concert deals. Merchandise has the potential to build strong loyal followings that similar companies can sell novelty items such as “limited edition bricks.” A high volume of concerts will provide the platform to expand a mass of opportunities for merchandising products for both fans and artists via the blockchain.


Colin Fitzpatrick
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Colin is a 20 year veteran of the tech industry having a distinguished career working for companies such as Oracle, Salesforce, HubSpot and Dell, in roles spanning Sales, Marketing, Programs & Management. He has a real passion for people, leading teams and working with high growth businesses. Originally from Ireland but now living in Dubai, Colin has always had a keen interest in the technology space, but has been fascinated by the Crypto space since he first became a Crypto convert in 2015. His other main passion is Music, having been a DJ and club-night organizer for many years — Colin has fantastic energy and enthusiasm with everything he does.

Jeff Lombardi
Equity Shareholder and Investor Relations

Ex-global head of private wealth for Citibank, Jeff has built and led numerous startups within large global financial institutions. He has a broad range of investment experience in both asset and wealth management. He has built a venture program at Alex. Brown, A global discretionary platform for Citibank’s Private Bank raising and managing over 9B in AUM and built Itau’s International Asset Management for offshore investing for Brazilian clients. Jeff has advised and managed assets for some of the largest private bank clients throughout the globe. Currently he is partner in at Silk Bridge Partners a private equity firm investing in SouthEast Asia focused primarily on Media and Fintech.

Kurt Uhler
Launch Advisor

Kurt Uhler is a Managing Director in the Los Angeles office and part of the Real Estate Advisory Group at Duff & Phelps. Kurt performs valuation and consulting assignments for REITs (publicly traded, public non-traded and private), private real estate companies, corporate clients, pension funds, private equity firms and hedge funds. Kurt has over 13 years of experience and has been with Duff & Phelps since 2007. He is an industry leader in performing valuations for financial reporting purposes such as purchase price allocations (ASC 805), net asset value (NAV) calculations, goodwill impairment testing and above/below-market leasehold analysis. He also routinely completes due diligence appraisals, market feasibility studies, fairness opinions, debt valuation, appraisal review and consulting assignments.

Mitch Hamilton
Head of Metaverse and NFT’s

Mitch is a member of the Blockchain Council and is finalizing an accreditation as a Certified Blockchain Professional with EC-Council. He utilizes his years of research in crypto and relationships in blockchain to establish the product suite and vision. Two time winner of Australian Long Tan Leadership Award, Mitch started a successful crypto coaching and consulting business and is plugged in to all aspects of the Crypto markets. Mitch has experience leading teams, technology and brings a proven track record of providing direction and control for the execution of strategic goals, as well as directly overseeing operations. He has a real passion for people and helping teams succeed to their best abilities.

Joe Deobald
Director of Blockchain Solutions

Winner of the “40 under 40 “ prize from Business in Vancouver, regular Forbes Contributor, and Blockchain veteran, Joe is an experienced entrepreneur with two successful exit’s under his belt and has also worked with TedX . Joe has consulted for dozens of successful blockchain projects and has been running his own very successful creative agency, now coming on board with Animal to lend us his experience to help us drive forward.

Peter Tsang
Head of Investor Relations

Peter co-founded and acted as strategic thought leader for a virtual multi-family office with asset under management in excess of US$600M. Having established and executed investment decisions across global asset classes particularly stock, private equity, venture capital, blockchain and cryptocurrency, Peter has over 15 years of financial and operational experience from both private and public companies. He has invested in 4 fast-growing, early and growth stage tech companies (Applicaster, Guesty, Bizzabo and Similarweb), resulting in 1 IPO. He also advises hedge funds, family offices and institutional investors to manage and trade physical art as a digital form of ownership certificate (NFT).

Dalton Grant
Head of Staff

Dalton is driven by a strong passion for workability, sustainability and extraordinary relationships. He thrives on thinking outside the box and creating partnerships to support the exponential growth of crypto start-ups. In 2010, Dalton began an obsession with mining bitcoin that led to a desire to understand blockchain technologies and crypto currencies. Dalton is highly skilled in creating partnerships at the leading edge of emerging technologies. He is excited for the future of blockchain technology and the freedom it will create for all people.

Ali Homayouni
Head of Partnerships

Ali Homayouni, based in London. Ali served as the Executive Director of Global Retail Advisors, a global real estate company in New York. Previously, he worked at BlackRock as Vice President in London and New York. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, with $8.67 trillion in assets under management as of January 2021. Prior to that, he worked in a large hedge fund in the UK. With a career spanning over 15+ years in developing and directing sales strategies in the commercial real estate industry, where he was listed at NY’s top commercial real estate broker in the New York Times. Ali is an experienced salesperson with a proven track record in deal and revenue generation, relationship management and communication. Ali has a passion for blockchain technologies, digital assets and working with early-stage startups focused on transforming financial services for the better.


IDO Details

Animal Concerts is launching on on January 17, 2022.

Token ticker: $ANML
Total number of tokens: 12,500,000,000
Chain: ETH
Token address: TBA when deployed
Funds raised in: USDC
Soft cap: $100k
Hard cap: $100k
IDO Price per token: $0.0045

Listing Price per token: TBA with our exchange announcement

IDO Start date/time: 16 UTC on January 17th

Listing date/time: Coming soon

How to Participate

To participate in Animal Concerts IDO, simply follow these steps:

-Buy START on

-Bridge START via AnySwap

-Stake START on (ETH)

-Buy $ANML when the IDO starts

For a more in-depth guide on how to take part in an IDO on ETH, please see our docs:

About Animal Concerts
Animal Concerts is building the Next Generation of Live Events in the Metaverse. We produce unforgettable online concerts while leveraging cutting edge technology to bring these experiences to fans worldwide through the Metaverse.

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