A Deep Dive into Starter’s Certified BUIDLer Program

Enhancing Crypto Innovation Using a Thorough Evaluation Model

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3 min readApr 4, 2024

In the bustling landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), where innovation is the currency of success, Starter stands as a beacon of opportunity for crypto projects seeking funding and support. At the heart of our ethos are two distinct acceptance models, each offering a unique pathway for projects to gain traction and thrive in the competitive crypto ecosystem.

The first model, a fully decentralized approach, epitomizes the principles of decentralization and community-driven decision-making. Here, developers looking for funding leverage the Starter.xyz platform to create pools onchain, presenting their projects directly to investors. In this decentralized democracy, investors who stake the launchpad’s native BUIDL token wield the power to conduct their own due diligence and cast their votes on whether a project should proceed to the funding stage. Crucially, a minimum threshold of 10% of the total BUIDL supply must vote YES for projects to pass to funding, ensuring a level of investor consensus and confidence in the projects endorsed.

Contrasting with the decentralized model is the Certified BUIDLer program, an embodiment of meticulous evaluation and validation. Developers seeking the stamp of approval submit a comprehensive application, addressing specific validation questions tailored to assess various facets of their project. The evaluation team at Starter, comprising seasoned experts in the crypto space, meticulously analyzes submissions against ten key evaluation points. Let’s delve into these evaluation points to understand the rigorous vetting process undertaken:

1. IRL Incubator at Atlanta Blockchain Center: Projects that have undergone incubation at the Atlanta Blockchain Center IRL facility receive a notable advantage, reflecting the commitment of developers to refining their projects through hands-on mentorship and guidance.

2. Referred by Trustworthy Associates: Referrals from trusted individuals or partners hold significant weight, signaling the endorsement of reputable figures in the crypto community and instilling confidence in the project’s potential.

3. Transparency and Doxxing: The team’s willingness to be transparent and doxxed, with verifiable credentials on LinkedIn, underscores their commitment to accountability and credibility, essential pillars of trust in the crypto space.

4. Relevant Experience: A track record of experience in addressing the problem the project aims to solve demonstrates the team’s expertise and understanding of the challenges at hand, instilling confidence in their ability to execute effectively.

5. Strong Team Dynamics: Projects with at least two dedicated cofounders working full-time convey a sense of commitment and cohesion, essential for navigating the complexities of project development and management.

6. Alignment with Crypto Ideals: Projects aligned with the core principles of crypto exhibit a deep understanding of the underlying technology and its potential for disruption, positioning them as drivers of innovation within the ecosystem.

7. Demonstrated Traction: Traction in key areas such as funding, community building, revenue generation, user acquisition, and strategic partnerships serves as tangible evidence of a project’s viability and potential for growth.

8. Sound Tokenomics: Projects with well-thought-out tokenomics, particularly those with a low initial market cap, demonstrate a commitment to sustainable growth and value creation for token holders, essential for long-term success.

9. Uniqueness and First Mover Advantage: The uniqueness of the product or its first-mover advantage in the market reflects the project’s potential to carve out a niche and capture market share, setting it apart from competitors.

10. Solid Post-Listing Strategy: A well-defined roadmap and post-listing strategy demonstrate foresight and planning, essential for navigating the complexities of the crypto landscape and sustaining long-term growth beyond the initial listing.

While the Certified BUIDLer program offers a structured and vetted pathway, the fully decentralized model provides an alternative route for projects to access funding and engage directly with the community. Through both models, Starter remains committed to fostering innovation, trust, and transparency within the DeFi space, empowering projects to realize their full potential and contribute to the continued evolution of the crypto ecosystem.

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